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Can you get rockbox on the 3rd gen ipod nano?

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Which ipod nano 1st gen is the coolest?

  This doesn't really make sense... All the first gen nanos are the same. If you were to ask, "Which generation of nano is the best" or something like that I could answe

Can you put videos on a iPod Nano second gen?

I want to know the same thing! I wanted to put Podcasts on my Nano 2nd Gen. but it wouldn't work, does it only work for the newer iPods? Sorry this isn't what your looking for

Recently my iPod nano 1st gen with rockbox installed makes my PC freezes-everytime i open MY COMPUTER it freezes until i disconnect the device -need to take some stuff out of it-what can i do?

something went wrong last time you took it out...maybe you planned to ad some files but changed your mind the last miniute got corrupted best bet is to have it in disk mode--p