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Can you get the girl pregnant if the man rubbed his penis inside the girl's vagina but did not ejaculate without a condom?

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i think the man has to ejaculate into the vagina for the girl to become pregnant . but if you are going that far with a man you should always use a condom
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If a man rubs his penis along the inside of the vagina for stimulation without ejaculating is it then possible that his sperm somehow got into the mouth of the vagina?

Precum is the clear slippery fluid that often begins to slowly "leak" from the tip of the penis when a man is very excited. Rubbing the penis along (or even deep inside) the v

If your boyfriend was rubbing is penis near your vagina unprotected and then put a condom on and put his penis inside of you is there a chance that you are pregnant?

Quit screwing aroundDidn't you go through sex education in school? Do you know what it takes to become pregnant? Maybe you need to keep your boyfriends penis in his pants inst
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Do you get pregnant if someone rubs their dicks without condom on your vagina?

By 'vagina' I will assume that you are talking about the true vagina .. . the birth canal (The outside part is called the 'Vulva') In any event, if it is the right time in the