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What is a snook?

A snook is a saltwater fish which are plentiful here in Florida waters. Some people consider them to be a gamefish but most REAL Floridians consider them to be one of the best

What do snook eat?

they mostly eat on mullet, shads, lures, shiners, anddead mullet

Where is Snook South Africa?

Snook or snoek is a name for several species of fish which live in the southern ocean off the coast of South Africa.

Who is Netta Snook?

Netta Snook ,Anita Snook actually, taught Amelia Earhart how to fly.

Who is Justin snook?

One is a dork we call "tookie" and the other is a rapper who sings the song "mike stood" both from HB Newfoundland
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Is a snook fish a consumer?

Yes it is. it eats wunzle larvae as well. but yes, it is a consumer. eating wunzle has nothing to do with it being a consumer because it is one. well not the wunzle lar vae bu
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When was Snooks Eaglin born?

Snooks Eaglin was born on January 21, 1936, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
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When did Snooks Eaglin die?

Snooks Eaglin died on February 18, 2009, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA of heart attack and prostate cancer.