Can you name the 3-dimensional shape with 20 congruent triangles as faces?

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It is called an Icosahedron. An example could be the 20-sided die, if you have seen those before.
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What is a congruent triangle?

A congruent triangle is one where all the angles are identical tothose of another triangle, or equivalently, all three sides are thesame ratio to the sides of another triangle.

What shape has 3 pairs of congruent rectangles?

A cube has 3 pairs of congruent rectangle because it is made up ofsix squares ( squares are special types of rectangles, where allsides are equal ). However, not every rectangle is a square.

What size and shape do two congruent triangles have?

to be congruent two triangles have,. ASA-two angles the same with a side length between them.. SAS-two side lengths the same and a same angle between them.. SSS-all 3 side lengths the same.. RHS-if the triangles are right angles ,and the hypotenuse are the same.. )

What is the name of an 8 faced shape?

an eight sideded polygon is an octagon octa means 8 * * * * * Yes, that is an eight sided shape but the question asked what an 8 FACED shape was. The answer to the question that was asked is an octahedron.

Name of a 20 faced shape?

yeah umm its called an iscohedron! i reckon its quite hard to spell! i luv cows so much cya later good luck with stuff! from somebody i cant say just to be sure. mwahahaha

What are congruent triangles?

The definition of congruent is in agreement or harmony. In the caseof figures, triangles in particular are congruent if they haveidentical corresponding angles and sides.

What shape has 4 triangle faces?

The tetrahedron. If one of the four triangles is equilateral and all others are isosceles, then one might also call it a (triangular-based) pyramid.

Are the triangle congruent?

"Are" does not make sense. well you know what he/she means- is the triangle congruent? * * * * * "Are", "Is" makes no difference. There is no information about the triangles and therefore no way to determine whether or not they ARE congruent.

A shape with 3 congruent side?

Hmm... I'm thinking an equilateral triangle because an equilateral triangle has 3 congruent sides and are all the same length.

What shape has 6 faces and 12 edges but not all congruent?

A parellelepiped (pronounced parellel pie ped) is any shape with 6 faces and 12 edges. A cuboid, also called a rectangular parallelepiped, is a parallelepiped of which all faces are rectangular. A cube is a cuboid with square faces. A rhombohedron is a parallelepiped with all rhombic faces. (MORE)

What kind of triangle has 3 congruent angles?

An equilateral triangle- a triangle with 3 equal sides, so the triangle would have 3 congruent angles as well. A trick to remember this: the word equal is sort of in the word equil ateral.

3-dimensional shape with seven faces?

A seven faced body would be called a "heptahedron" There are no regular heptahedra (with all the faces the same shape and size). If you cut off the corner of a cube you will get a seven faced, 3 dimensional body.

What dimensional shapes have circular faces?

Not sure what the question means, unless it is meant to refer to 3-dimensional shapes. If so, some answers are: a cylinder, a cone, a section of a sphere, an ellipsoid with two equal axes intersected by a plane defined by those axes, a symmetric paraboloid intersected by a plane perpendicular to i (MORE)

Does triangles have 3 faces?

A true triangle is a two dimensional object, so it has NO faces at all (or maybe one). Triangles have 3 sides, but not 3 faces.

What shape is made out of two congruent triangles?

If you have 2 EQUILATERAL triangles, and you stack them on their respective hypotenuses, the result: SQUARE. If you have 2 ISOSCELES triangles, and you stack them on their respective hypotenuses, the result: RECTANGLE. If you have 2 OBTUSE triangles, and you stack them on their respective hypo (MORE)

Which 3 dimensional figure has faces that are always congruent and the same shape?

There are a few families of polyhedra with identical faces. There are none whose faces have 6 or more sides. There is no special name for polyhedra whose faces are pentagons or pentagrams. A dodecahedron is an example. If coplanar faces are disallowed, the only polyhedron with quadrilateral faces (MORE)

What triangle is congruent?

A single triangle would not be described as congruent, you have to have at least two triangles in order for congruency to be possible. Congruent triangles are the same. Their sides are all the same length, and their angles are all the same number of degrees. They are mathematically identical. That's (MORE)

What is the name of a 26 faced shape?

That would be the rhombicuboctahedron. See links. Why don't I use the word 'rhombicuboctahedron' in the link names? Because there is a 15 letter limit to words in link names!

Do congruent triangles always have the same shape?

Yes, that's part of what the word congruent means. Not only do congruent triangles have the same shape they are of the same size, and you can move one of them over the other one so that it covers it exactly. Note that you cannot flip a triangle over and consider it conguent to another triangle.

What has 8 congruent equilateral triangles as faces and 6 vertices?

A solid with 8 faces is an octahedron. As all faces are the same it is a regular octahedron. As such it is one of the five platonic solids - the only five 3Dobjects that can be regular: the tetrahedron (4 equilateraltriangles for the faces), the hexahedron (usually called a cube with 6 square (MORE)