Can you play PS2 games on Xbox?

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The Xbox is not designed to play PlayStation 2 games. A serious modification would be required to accomplish this feat, however, with the use of an Emulator one could play a PlayStation 1 game on an Xbox, but the legality of this is very questionable.
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Can you play ps2 games on Xbox 360?

i dont think so unless you get a mod chip People like to throw out words like mod chip (a chip that would enable anything you want to happen even if the technology is not p

Can you play xbox 360 games on ps2?

One cannot play Xbox 360 games in a PlayStation 2 system. While both systems use the DVD storage medium, the formatting is different as they have different CPU architectures.

Can PS2 play Xbox games?

No. All games are marked because they fit for the specific game console. The product is made especially for the Xbox, but if you want to play it on a PS2, you could try find