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Can you produce a German shepherd dog with your two labrador and German shepherd mix dog?

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no you cannot if you want it to be pure bred
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What kind of dogs are German shepherds?

They are the most wonderful breed I have ever had the priveledge to know. (oh yeah) They were bred to herd and guard livestock and the German Type is robust, stout, ever vigi

Is it good to keep a German Shepherd Dog and a Labrador?

it is okay to keep a labrador and German shepherd together as long as they both get along and if they don't when they start to growl at each other separate them aventully they

Is a male dog a German shepherd?

Every single breed, in fact every single mammal on this earth has both male and female of each gender. You don't have all male dogs being a German Shepherd and no other breed

What dog sheds more a German shepherd or a labrador?

German Shepherd sheds more than Labrador. Labrador sheds seasonally and its coat is short and thick. German Shepherd sheds throughout the year and sheds heavily during spring

Are Akita mixed with German Shepherd aggressive dogs?

Dogs that are mixed may occasionally have instincts that contradict each other, which can create a very confused dog. However, if the owner is responsible and is able to co

Are German Shepherd mixes good dogs?

generally no!! the mix breed with G shep often look beautiful but sometimes are of uncertain temper. also being larger dogs can be difficult to control if the behaviour starts