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Can you put any last name on baby's birth certificate?

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Most states require the last name of one or the other parent. In some countries, unless otherwise specified the child's name defaults to the last name of the mother. In most countries the father's family name is the default.
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Can a minor put the father's last name on the baby's birth certificate?

If the minor is the biological mother of the infant she can. But, the person named as the father has the right to contest the matter and request a paternity test if he so choo

If you are legally married and have a baby with someone else can you put the baby's father name on the birth certificate and can the baby have the father's last name instead of my husbands?

The child will have whatever name you put on the birth certificate. The name is totally up to you it doesn't matter who he is biologically related to. New answer...from some

Do i have to put the father's name on the birth certificate?

no you do not have to put the fathers name on the birth certificate. Unless you want to. my sons fathers name is not on his birth certificate. but i have been thinking about p

Should I put the babies father's last name on birth certificate?

No, you should not but the baby's father's last name on the birth certificate. Also, it is better to put your last name anyways because of legal matters, social relations, and