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Can you store your own sperm?

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Im going to start off by saying, I really hope you mean at a sperm bank/etc.

And yes,but have a proper facility do it. It happens all the time, especially for people who sell their sperm, want a segregated child, or have a vasectomy.
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How is sperm stored in a sperm bank?

Storing and freezing biological tissues at very low temperatures is called cryopreservation. The semen is mixed with a special liquid called a "cryopreservation medium" before

How do you store the sperms?

    In a plastic cup.   In the freezers, or else it will mold.     In a plastic cup.   In the freezers, or else it will mold.

Can you store sperm?

Yes you can! That is how sperm donation works. It goes into a plastic cup and is put into a freezer to preserve it. The female's body also has a way to store sperm, which many

In human body where sperms are stored?

Sperm are produced in the testes, and stored in a gland called the epididymis. Sperm from the testes are immature, and cannot move on their own. They remain in the epididymis