Can you survive by eating just metal and glass?

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no that'll hurt all your gums and by the way you cant swallow it or you'll die
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When you are on a starvation diet what can you eat that won't cause you to gain weight but will be just enough to survive?

Unless you're writing this from a deserted island, don't even consider something like a starvation diet. If you're looking to lose weight, keep it off and stay healthy, outlin

Is glass a metal?

No. It is an insulator. It does not conduct electricity or have other metallic properties. Glass is a mixture of compounds: mainly sand (quartz, or silicon dioxide, SiO

What is metallic glass?

Metallic glasses are new type of materials which possess both the properties of metals and glasses .. OR Metallic glasses are the amorphous metallic solids which have high

Is glass metal?

No glass is not a metal. But it is a mixture of many compounds derived from Silicon, Calcium, Sodium, Boron, etc.

Can metal freeze on glass?

I had a 1975 Chevy pickup truck that I was welding on the door. The molten steel fell on the window and fused itself to it. I ruined the glass and learned that you can indeed

Can you eat a glass?

While there are a few performers that used to do this as a dare devil stunt, no you should not. The glass will shred your tongue, throat, and stomach and you can bleed to deat