Can you use credit card to pay postage at post office?

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Yes, pretty much all post offices accept credit/debit cards.
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Can a doctor's office keep credit card information on file to pay co-pays?

I am a doctor- but also go to doctors and take my kids to doctors (very often!). Blockbuster has had my credit card (for more than 10 years), hotels take my credit card, car r

What is the amount of postage for a post card?

The current postcard postage as of the new increase in Jan '09 is: First-Class Mail ® Postcards ($0.27 each) Maximum size: 6 inches long by 4-1/4 inches high First-C

What is postage for a post card?

\n. \nIt depends on where you are sending it from and to\n. \n. \n.28 is the postage for postcards up to 4 1/4" by 6".\nAnything larger goes at the standard first class rat

Does the post office take credit cards?

That is easy yes i saw my dad do it before but he got yelled at i think he was drunk or something I don't know he usually doesn't drink that much so........... i guess that's

What is the step in paying using credit card?

If you are paying online, there is a form that you have to fill out with the pertinent details regarding the credit card such as type of credit card, card number, expiry date,