Can you use red cabbage for the cabbage soup diet?

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Not really. The main thing is that green vegetables have less calorie and carbohydrate value than coloured veg.

Of course, even using red cabbage on the csd you'd still lose considerable amounts of weight - just a little less than if you used green cabbage.

There exist many delicious cabbage soup recipe variations. If you use red cabbage only on one day of the 7 day diet week it won't harm your weight loss success.
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Is the cabbage soup diet tough to stick with?

Answer . \nYes, and it would also be very harmful. I assume a cabbage soup diet is one that consists entirely of cabbage soup. Cabbage soup alone is not a balanced diet, and long-term consumption of only cabbage soup will likely result in poor health due to vitamin, mineral and/or protein defici (MORE)

Does the Cabbage Soup Diet work?

It does work as a healthy and motivating jumpstart cleansing diet. You can lose up to 10 pounds within 1 week although it is partly water. But this effect motivates many people to switch then to a healthier lifestyle - exercises included. Many people report that after the cabbage soup diet week they (MORE)

What is the Cabbage Soup Diet?

The cabbage soup diet is a jumpstart weight loss program which usually lasts only seven days. After then you should switch to a healthy longterm weight loss concept. It's based mainly on cabbage soup, vegetables and fruits which may be eaten according to a 7 day cabbage soup diet plan. But also po (MORE)

What are vegan substitutes for beef and chicken in the Cabbage Soup Diet?

My guess is that the goal is to maximize the weight-loss effects of switching to straight protein for those days, so if you can find something vegan with almost the same nutrition facts as chicken (very high protein and very low carbs) that may be worth a shot, as well.. A great source for protein (MORE)

Cabbage soup diet recipe?

Cabbage soup diet recipe :: Overview The origins of the cabbage soup diet are not clear, but it first became popular in the mid 1990's. It has been known under several alternative names including the "sacred heart diet", "TJ Miracle soup diet", "Russian peasant diet", " the Dolly Parton diet" and " (MORE)

Does anorexic eat cabbage soup?

Sometimes... Cabbage has less calories raw than it does cooked, unless you just cook it then eat it with nothing (like salt) on it.... Celery is good for that, too.. i just ate chewing gum and coffee, which is alot worse.

What is red cabbage?

Red cabbage is one of many varieties of cabbage grown in temperate regions worldwide. Its juice contains the pigment cyanidin, which is used as a homemade indicator of acids and alkalies because it turns the purple colored juice pink when an acid is added and blue when mixed with an alkali (or color (MORE)

What is the average weight loss when on cabbage soup diet?

When researching several cabbage soup diet forums a weight loss between 5 and 10 pounds in 7 days seems to be realistic. My estimation for an an average weight loss is 7 pounds within 7 days. The weight loss success depends on the fact, how often someone went on a diet. The lower your diet experei (MORE)

What is wrong with the cabbage soup diet?

During that week, you can only eat fruits, vegetables and, of course, cabbage soup (staying true to the diet's moniker). You cannot consume nearly enough calories nor get the necessary nutrients for a healthy immune system. The Diet will decrease metabolism and lean muscle mass. The Cabbage S (MORE)

Is it safe to try the cabbage soup diet?

As a nutritionist, I would say, no. It is not safe. Diets like the cabbage soup diet severely limit your intake of important nutrients, like proteins and fats. (Yes, you do need fats to keep your cell walls healthy.) Instead of trying such a limiting diet, try something that balances foods a little (MORE)

Why can red cabbage be used an indicator?

Red cabbage, can be used as an indicator, because it is clasified as a chemical substance. Red cabbage is a coloured indicator that can change colour when a household substance is added.

How many pounds would you lose by cabbage soup diet in a week?

Weight loss is calculated by (calories eaten) - (calories expended by exercise + calories expended by your body just to maintain itself) It depends how many calories are in the soup (eaten) and how big you are (maintainence) and how much you exercise. Each pound of fat is about 3500 calories. You sh (MORE)

Can diabetics go on a 7 day cabbage soup diet?

Absolutely not. The cabbage soup is not a very healthy diet to follow. It lacks most nutrients that your body needs. It does not have proteins, very little carbohydrates and a whole bunch of vitamins. However, a low carbohydrate diet seems to improve diabetes but usually Adult onset diabetis, the o (MORE)

How to make cabbage soup?

Boil water then put piece of cabage in. I enjoy putting carots and celery in mine. Also i but basil and pieces of tomato in mine.

Can you not lose weight on the 7 day cabbage soup diet?

You can, but it is not a healthy diet. It isn, in essence a starvation diet where you drink soup all day, and then eat some bizarre meal (like bananas and milk). Your best best is to drink 8 glasses of water a day (do NOT drink a gallon -urologists say it will overwork your kidneys and will flush ou (MORE)

Can you drink diet soda on cabbage soup diet?

Diet soda has ZERO calories and is ok to drink on any diet. ANOTHER OPINION: Sure, why not? You're already ruining your health anyway. Diets don't work. In the long run, they damage your health and metabolism, and you will eventually gain back all the weight you lost plus some. If you want to lo (MORE)

Is a cabbage soup diet healthy?

Though being a veggetarian can be healthy since vegetables are very healthy for you, without protein your body cannot create the muscles it needs. To go along with the cabbage soup you should eat fish or peanut products to get the necessary protein.

What are the ingredients in cabbage soup?

Some of my favorite ingredients for cabbage soup include cabbage, bacon, old bay seasoning, and chicken broth. I have served this soup at a number of family outings and always get positive feedback.

Can you get all nutrients required for a healthy diet while on the cabbage soup diet recipe?

The cabbage soup diet alone will not provide all nutrients nessecary to mainain a healthy diet. You'll probably lose weight, at the out set, as cabbage is a low-glycemic food, which helps to regulate blood sugar and insulin. However most experts agree a diet rich in lean protein, complex carbohydrat (MORE)

What is the average net weight loss on the cabbage soup diet and what are some recipes?

Average net weight loss on the cabbage soup diet can be quite drastic, anywhere from 2kg - 10kg. It depends however on what your starting weight was and how much excess weight you have to lose. Some good recipes can be found on diet websites or the food network. Alternatively, for a really easy but (MORE)

What is the best way to flavor a cabbage soup diet recipe?

Vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, and green peppers can be thrown in. Bouillon and V8 juice are also possible additions to the recipe; pepper, parsley, garlic, and other such spices and herbs are healthy additions that can add a little flavor to cabbage soup while still adhering to the diet guide (MORE)

What is a good cabbage soup diet recipe?

A basic cabbage soup diet recipe includes green onions, green bell peppers, canned tomatoes, celery, cabbage, instant onion soup powder, V8 juice/water/broth, and seasonings to taste. Simmer or slow cook all the ingredients until the soup is done.

What is a recipe for cabbage soup?

You can make cabbage soup with the finest cabbages by picking out the perfectly ripped cabbage and boiling it with salt and put some seasoning and water in it.

What ingredients do you need for a diet cabbage soup recipe?

The ingredients that you need for diet soup cabbage are six large white onions, two green peppers, one or two cans of tomatoes that are diced or it can be whole, three carrots, one container of mushroom or about 10 ounces or one can, one bunch of celery, half a head of a cabbage, one package of spic (MORE)

What is a tasty and nutritious diet cabbage soup recipe?

If you provide a good mire-poix base for the soup, with carrots, celery, and onions, you can make a good foundation for a diet cabbage soup with those combined with canned tomatoes, veggie juice, and soup mix. Most important to your cooking is allowing the flavors of the broth to come together. Let (MORE)

What is a healthy recipe for cabbage soup?

You can make any cabbage soup healthy by using fat free broth, and all fresh and natural vegetables. Leave out the meat and add cabbage, garlic, carrots, tomato paste, onion, green beans, zucchini, and basil.

What ingredients are used for a cabbage soup recipe?

A typical Cabbage soup recipe is as follows: Take one Large soup pot, and add small amount of oil and butter. Add chopped cabbage, diced onion, finely diced carrot, garlic, fresh herbs such as oregano and thymre, salt and pepper. Cook, stirring, until lightly golden, but not too dark. Add water, (MORE)

What is the regular cabbage soup recipe?

The regular cabbage soup is made of cabbage, onions, green bell peppers, celery, green onions, chicken bullion cubes, chopped tomatoes, garlic, pepper and lemon juice. All of the ingredients are boiled in a large pot for an hour.

Where can cabbage diet soup recipes be found?

Cabbage diet soup recipes can be found all over the internet. Videos with recipes and guided instructions can be found on the internet and many books can be found on Amazon, or other stores such as Barnes & Noble.

What ingredients are in a cabbage soup?

There are many different ways to make cabbage soup. Of course, you start with the main ingredient as cabbage and add other ingredients. Here are some recipe suggestions: . cabbage, ground beef, chopped onion, carrot slices, celery slices . cabbage, chunks of potatoes, chopped onion, 1" slices Po (MORE)

Is the cabbage soup 7 day diet good to go on with Diabetes?

Cabbage is a good source of a lot of vitamins and minerals however,it is not enough in order to sustain all the needed proteins andvitamins of the body to function healthy everyday especially for aDiabetic. So no, cabbage soup will not be enough.