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Chuck Knoblauch won how many World Series with the New York Yankees?

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3 ... 1998, 1999, and 2000.
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Why did Chuck Knoblauch leave the New York Yankees?

 Answer   Chuck Knoblauch became a free agent after the 2001 season and the Yankees decided not to sign him. His performance continued to decline after the 1999 season

How many World Series have the New York Yankees won since 1900?

The New York Yankees, and the American League did not join the Major leagues until 1901. The First World Series was played in 1903. Since 1903 the New York Yankees won 27 Worl

What years have the New York Yankees won the World Series?

1923 vs Giants (4-2) 1927 vs Pirates (4-0) 1928 vs Cardinals (4-0) 1932 vs Cubs (4-0) 1936 vs Giants (4-2) 1937 vs Giants (4-1) 1938 vs Cubs (4-0) 1939 vs Reds (