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This is the way i convert . K H D B D C M K=Kilo(meters) H=Hecto(meters) D=Deci(meters) B=Basic Unit(Meters in this case) D=Decka(meters) C=Centi(meters) M=Milli(meters) I remember this order by saying "King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk." So know lets convert. If you wanted to convert meters into millimeters(B to M) then you would see it is 3 letters to the right.(K H D B D C M)So all you do is take your Measurement in meters(lets say 23.447m) all you would do is move the decimal 3 places to the right. (So now it would be 23.447) But if you wanted to convert meters to kilometers, then you know K is three places to the left of B. So all you do is move your decimal 3 places to the right.(0.023447 Would be meters converted into kilometers.
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What are the metric system measurements?

  The base units for the SI system are: length-meter, mass-kilogram, time-second, temperature interval-deg kelvin(or celsius), electric current-ampere, amount of substance

How is metric thread pitch measured?

Metric thread pitch is measured directly from crest to crest of the  thread form.    For example the distance from crest to crest of a M8 x 1.25 MM  thread would be 1

What can be measured in metric?

Everything. There is seven base units: metre, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, candela and mole. From these seven base units, several other units are derived. In addition t

How is converting a metric measurement to a metric measurement similar to and different from converting a metric measurement to a US Customary measurement?

Similarities: converting between any two units (of the same dimension) simply requires a conversion factor. Example: . 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters . 1 meter = 100 centimeter

How do you convert watts to metric units of measurement?

  It already is   The watt is a metric unit. It is equal to one joule per second. The joule is equal to a newton-meter. And a newton is equal to a kilogram-meter per

What instrument measures metric length?

A metric ruler. A metric ruler or a metric tape measure. You can also use a meterstick. I'm pretty sure that would be a metric ruler A metric ruler. Rulers, metersticks, etc..