Define adaptive advantage?

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Having a certain aspect that alows you to ajust to a certain area or live on that cetain area.
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Define mechanical advantage?

it is like this. You can't lift a Car with the force what you can apply through your hands. But the same force through use of a Jack it is possible. This is mechanical advanta

How is the exoskeleton on a crayfish an adaptive advantage?

The exoskeleton on the crayfish is an adaptive advantage because itgives the crayfish support and protection. Unlike humans who havean internal skeleton, the exoskeleton prote

Define comparative advantage?

When a company or an individual makes a product or carry out acertain economic activity better than its competitors is calledcomparative advantage. A comparative advantage giv

Define adaptation of sensory receptors?

When a stimulus is applied for a prolonged period, the rate of receptor response slows and our conscious awareness of the stimulus declines or is lost until some type of stimu

Define predator adaptations?

Predator Adaptations What Predator Adaptations are really are just like what they "have" or "use" to get food or servive... like for a Lion... some Adaptations would be Shar

Define algorithm and what are its properties and what are its advantages?

Algoritham 1, a step-by-step method of solving a problem or making decisions, as in making a diagnosis. 2. an established mechanical procedure for solving certain mathema
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of adaptive immunity?

Advantage is that it gives a specific response. In a secondary exposure it responds so quickly you may not even feel sick. It is able to retain a long term memory against that
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What are advantageous adaptations?

Some examples of advantageous adaptations are thumbs, thick skin, separation of veins and arteries, wings, lungs, gills, and the list goes on.

What is the advantage of an adaptation to a species?

So the species can reproduce and survive. WRONG!! Adaptions are of no use to a species as adaptions are the result of adaptive change which is the purview of natural sel

What are the advantages of user defined datatypes?

It makes the programming both simpler and more natural. For example, if you have a data type for "date" (assuming the language doesn't support this data type natively), you ca