Delaware Memorial bridge to Chesapeake Rest Area?

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If by "Chesapeake Rest Area" you mean the Chesapeake House service area on I-95 in Maryland, it's approximately 30 miles from the middle of the Delaware Memorial Bridge (I-295 between NJ and DE) to that service area. You'll be in Delaware for about 17 miles (warning: one toll booth) and then in Maryland for another 13.
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How do you get from Delaware Memorial Bridge to the Tappan Zee?

To get to the Tappan Zee from the Delaware Memorial, continue straight when you get off the Delaware Memorial, and you'll be on the New Jersey Turnpike. Take that to the Garde

What is the Delaware Memorial Bridge toll price?

> The last time I crossed Delaware Memorial Bridge (In May 2011), the toll was > three dollars. There is no toll northbound. As of July 1, 2011, the toll to go southbound,

How old is the Delaware memorial bridge?

I am a Delaware native and the first span was completed in 1951 when traffic went both directions from Delaware and New Jersey. The second span was completed in in 1968. http:

Is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge a suspension bridge?

The two central spans, the highest parts of the bridge, are suspension spans. The part over the eastern channel is a cantilever span. The rest is composed of deck truss spans