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Yes, they met several times as they moved in similar circles. The only photograph of them together is at the Rose Tattoo premier in 1955 although Marilyn appears to be blanking Miss Mansfield. They worked in the same studio 20th Century Fox. They shared some mutual friends and probably heard about each other more through mutual acquaintances Peter Lawford and lovers at different times Niko Minardos and Jayne was rumored to have had an affair with Robert Kennedy, as was Marilyn. Jayne sent several party invites to Marilyn but they were always ignored. When Jayne appeared in the play "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter" on Broadway, she mimicked Marilyn and her attempts to become a serious actress. Marilyn saw this play and was not amused. Later, Marilyn's studio signed Jayne to become her replacement. Maybe it wasn't personal, but all this didn't endear Jayne to Marilyn. "I'm tired of all these 'imitation Marilyns.' The studios are grooming up to replace me," Marilyn complained. She once reported to a journalist when asked about Jayne, "I know imitation is supposed to be the highest form of flattery, but she is so vulgar I wish I could sue her in some way." When asked, "what for?" Marilyn replied, "For destroying the image I have taken years to build up". Jayne was reported to adore Marilyn, "Although she's told me she respects what I do." Another time, Jayne said, "Marilyn has the career I want but she seems so sad all the time". Marilyn probably learned to accept Jayne's presence though, as after 1960, Jayne's carrier spiraled. Marilyn was bitter towards the studio's treatment of her and probably just saw Jayne as a part of that. It's funny that Marilyn probably envied Jayne's children and family life whilst Jayne envied Marilyn's carrier. Marilyn Monroe saw Elizabeth Taylor as her biggest rival and was irked at the better treatment and higher pay Elizabeth received from the studio. The two often sniped about one another in private. Elizabeth was friends with Jayne Mansfield though; they lived across the road from one another.
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