Did Keisha get fired in Say Yes to the Dress?

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I remember Keesha saying that they found a lump in her breast, and that she hadn't addressed it yet. I hope and pray she's all right.
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Did elise get fired in Say Yes to the Dress?

Elise is working somewhere else, at a different bridal shop. Check out this site: http://boston.weddings.com/boards/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=60571304&forumid=89 Looking at her

Is Say Yes to the dress funny?

It isn't really funny. It is more of a dramatic show. It is kinda ridiculous how much some of the dresses are!!
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Where is Diane on say yes to the dress?

I missed Diane also on the show also, and found out that she willdefinitely be back for the upcoming new season.........Hooray (*_*)