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Did jesus come back alive after dying?

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Yes Jesus arose from the dead and an empty tomb is there noow. The day is celebrated as Easter.
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How would Jesus come back to us when he does?

The Gospel of Mark chapter 13 says that Jesus would return in the clouds with great power and glory, and that he would send his angels to gather his elect from the four winds.

What will it look like when Jesus comes back?

Answer:   the Bible says it will be like a flash of lightning and the son of man will apear in the clouds at the right hand of God   Answer:   Prophecy revea

What will happen when jesus come back?

As it clearly states in Revelation, He will rise one group of people from their state of non living and abduct them with other group who is alive to live with Him for 1000 yea

When is Jesus coming back?

First, when Jesus told Caiaphas and the court that condemned him to  death that he was the Son of Man who would come "on the clouds  of heaven" he was not speaking of his se

Why did aslan come back alive?

The deeper magic that the witch didn't know about, said that willing innocent victim was killed by a traitor, the stone table would crack, death would be reversed. This is wha

When did Jesus come back to life?

3 days after he died, Jesus is said to have been resurrected into heaven. Jesus died on good Friday and was resurrected on Easter Sunday. Theologians say Jesus would've been a

How did jesus come back alive?

God the Father resurrected him as promised from before the beginning of time. How he was resurrected cannot be known, it was a miracle.

Is Jesus Christ coming back soon?

One view: Don't expect Christ to be descending with the clouds from heaven. This is literal interpretation of the Bible. In the Old Testament, Daniel prophesied that the Messi

What Signs are there of when jesus will come back?

Jesus said that in the last days, there will be rumours of war and wars, famine, earhquakes, sickness and people would be lovers of money and the children would become disobed

What are the signs of Jesus coming back?

The signs of the second coming, there will be rumors of war , war, famine, sickness, and love for money will increase and children will be disobediant. Answer: Of the "four ho

What did Jesus do when he was alive?

Jesus washed away our sin. Listen to this song: Yes Jesus loves me! Yes Jesus love me! Yes Jesus loves me! The bible tells me so. Jesus just died just for us.

What day of the week did Jesus come back to life?

Monday, Easter Monday     All four gospels say that Jesus' tomb was found to be empty early "on the first day of the week." (Matt. 28:1; Mark 16:2 and 9; Luke 24:1; Jo
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Is it true that Jesus Christ is coming back?

Answer 1: Islamic answer  Yes, Muslims believe in the second coming of Jesus and  that Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) will be the only one who can  defeat the anti-Chri

How Many Times Will Jesus Come Back?

Twice. He already came back the first time to pay for our sins by  being the perfect sacrifice. And he will come back again during the  times of revelation to call the saved

How many times did Jesus come back to earth?

Jesus Christ came to earth 2000 years plus, born as a human being to Mary in Bethlehem, ministered on earth for about 33 years, went to the cross of Calvary to die and pay the