Did Pythagoras have children?

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It is said that Pythagoras had 5 children with Parthenis, which was often called in her early life but changed to Pythais after that. 3 daughters named Myia or Mryia, Damo and Arignote. And 2 sons named Arimnestes and Telauges.
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Who is Pythagoras?

He was a famous mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher.    AnswerA Greek Philosopher and Mathemetician (580-500 BCE). Phythagorous was a greek mathmatician who g… (MORE)

Who was Pythagoras?

Pythagoras (c. 580-500 B.C.) was an ancient Greek philosopher who was interested in numbers and their meanings. He discovered the relationships between mathematics and music, … (MORE)

Who are the brothers of Pythagoras?

  Pythagoras's older brothers were Eunomus and Tyrrhenus. His father was Mnesarchus. His mother was known as Parthenis in her early life, but later took the name Pythais. … (MORE)

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Was Pythagoras a boxer?

It's entirely possible a life of Pythagoras states that :But Eratosthenes says, as Favorinus quotes him, in the eighth book of his Universal History, that this philosopher, of… (MORE)