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Did Pythagoras have children?

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Actually Pythagoras had 4 children. He had 3 daughters, and 1 son. His daughters names were Damo, myia, and Arignote. His sons name was Telouges. He made these children with Theno his spouse. He did not make these children with pythasis that was his mom.
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How smart was Pythagoras?

he was very smart

What is the education of Pythagoras?

Pythagoras was well educated, and he played the lyre throughout his  lifetime, knew poetry and recited Homer. He was interested in  mathematics, philosophy, astronomy and mu

What are the remarks of Pythagoras?

Pythagoras became immortalised simply by finding a method for  calculating the length of hypotenuse

What was Pythagoras famous for?

Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher and mathematician who proved the Pythagorean theorem; considered to be the first true mathematician (circa 580-500 BC)

Who are the brothers of Pythagoras?

  Pythagoras's older brothers were Eunomus and Tyrrhenus. His father was Mnesarchus. His mother was known as Parthenis in her early life, but later took the name Pythais.

Who is Pythagoras?

He was a famous mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher.

Where did Pythagoras get married?

Pythagoras got married in Samos, Greece, to a very young woman called Theano and had five children together.

What were Pythagoras occupations?

Pythagoras of Samos was an Ionian Greek philosopher, mathematician, and founder of the religious movement called Pythagoreanism.. Most of the information about Pythagoras was

Why is Pythagoras famous?

Probably his theorem a2+b2=c2, which is used to calculate the hypotenuse (longest side) of a right-angled. triangle. You find the length of the two shorter sides, square them,

Who is Pythagoras and Euclid?

Pythagoras and Euclid are both mathematicians. Pythogoras has commonly been given credit for discovering the Pythagorean theorem, a theorem in geometry that states that in a r

What is the Pythagoras method?

The Pythagoras method or theorem is a statement that concludes the  area of two small squares is equal to the area of one large one.  The algebraic formula is a² + b²=