Differentiate between Adobe acrobat professional and adobe reader?

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The main difference between Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader is that Acrobat allows the user to create PDF's (Post Data Files) as well as edit or add comments to PDF's. Reader only allow the user to view them.
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Is adobe reader the same as adobe acrobat?

No, Adobe Reader will read PDF files, while Adobe Acrobat can create and edit PDF files. Adobe Reader is just a free PDF reader, but Adobe Acrobat Pro/Stand is much more pow

What does Adobe Acrobat Professional cost?

Adobe Acrobat Professional 9 on Adobe.com is going for $449.00 full version . Adobe Acrobat Professioal 9 on Adobe.com is going for $159.00 upgrade . Adobe Acrobat Professio

What is adobe acrobat professional?

Adobe Adobat Professional is a computer program that allows you to work with PDF files.It has enhanced features that allow you to collaberate with other people.

Which Adobe Acrobat reader for Windows 7?

The Windows Vista versions of Adobe Acrobat work on Windows 7. According to Adobe's web site, Adobe Acrobat versions 8 and above are Vista compatible. Adobe Acrobat versions