Do Honey Bees Sting?

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Yes Honey Bees do sting! The sting is found in the abdomen, the larger part of the Bee which also contains the heart, the wax glands and the reproductive organs. There are two glands associated with the sting. One is known as the Bifurcated venom gland which produces the venom and the other is the alkaline gland which produces the lubricant for the sting mechanism.

Bees use their sting to defend their colony and when used effectively a well targeted thrust can paralyse or even kill the opposing Bee. Within the context of the bee world the Bee sting is a deadly weapon. It is also given an extra edge because when a Bee stings it releases a pheromone called Isopentylacetate which calls it's fellow Bees to 'sting in the same place' and acts as a call to battle.

The impulse for a Bee to sting can often be triggered if a Bee becomes entangled, for example in hair of clothing and this in turn can cause the victim to wave their hands wildly. This also helps trigger the impulse to sting and double the trouble for the surprised victim.

If you are handling a colony of bees or you are a bee keeper it is always advisable to wear a veil and cover your face as it hurts when you are stung. Also gloves are advisable, especially if new to keeping bees, because when starting out having gloves on gives you more confidence to handle the colony and also keeps your hands clean for when having to do more delicate tasks such as clipping the queen's wings. It's easy enough to whip them off and then slip them back on as required.

More information on Honey Bees can be found at the Do Honey Bees Sting Website.
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What allows a honey bee to sting?

Pretty plain and simple.... If you don't do anything to it, it won't do anything to you. Basically, they're as frightned of us as we are of them.. so try not to step on them

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A worker honey bee's sting is barbed, so after she has thrust it into the victim she cannot pull it back out. When the bee pulls away, the sting remains behind, together with

What happen when a honey bee stings you?

It will sting for a while on the spot where it stung you, this can be relieved by applying vinegar on the spot, don't keep rubbing it, it will only make it worse and the pain

Do honey bees sting each other?

It can happen. They won't sting members of their own colony, but if bees from another colony try to enter the hive to steal the honey the guard bees will sting them. A newly

Do honey comb bees sting?

Yes, however, the stinger is actually a modified ovipositor. An ovipositor is the body part, or device a queen bee uses to lay eggs. She can also use it as a stinger. Worker b

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Yes , honey bees can sting if they are females but no , they cannot if they are males. Specifically, male bees ( Apis spp ) are called drones and females are either queens