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No, but they practice another type of circumcision which is non-surgical where they train the foreskin to stay permanently retracted to make it look like a surgical circumcision. This is sometimes known as auto circumcision.
In fact it is a customary practice and it is considered immature where one does not permanently retract his foreskin when he reaches puberty.
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What is circumcision?

Circumcision is the removal of a fold of skin, called the foreskin,  from the end of the penis. The removal of the foreskin exposes the  glans and urethral opening. It is mo

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Male Male circumcision is usually an elective In which the parents or guardians of a child show their allegiance to a god or religious tradition by having the Prepuce (foreski

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The vast majority of men in the world are uncircumcised. In most of the world circumcision is extremely rarely practiced. For example in most of Europe, South America, Central

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The majority of the men of the world are not circumcised. The prepuce or foreskin was put there by nature to protect the glans penis against harm. In the first place it protec

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There is no medical reason for circumcision, and no major medical association recommends routine circumcision. Circumcision, like any surgery, has risks of adverse medical eve

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Circumcisions are performed in hospitals, clinics, doctor's  offices, places of worship, and even in your own home.    Just make sure whoever is choose is properly tra

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No it is not. the foreskin is an important part of the penis, its function and it ability to create sexual pleasure. removing it will lead to to desensitisation of the glans a

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  Of course not. The vast majority of men in the world are not circumcised. There is no known medical reason for circumcision, and no major medical association recommends

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Circumcision can be performed at any age. However, most doctors recommend against circumcision since it has no known medical benefit and has numerous risks of complications. W

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The main reason that men are circumcised is for religious reasons and for cultural reasons. The earliest record of the procedure was among the upper classes of the ancient Egy

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Circumcision is the removal of the Prepuce or foreskin from the penis. this is largely a religious practice and there are no medical or health advantages in it except in extre

What is circumcised?

To be circumcised is to have the prepuce or foreskin removed from the penis. The prepuce is there to protect the glans from damage from drying out and hardening , it plays apa

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Less then 20% of the men in the world are circumcised, most of these have it done for religious and cultural reasons and the rest have fallen victim to a Victorian era idea th

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"A review of the scientific literature, however, reveals that the actual effect of circumcision is the destruction of the clinically-demonstated hygienic and immunological pro