Do Patek Philippe watches hold their value?

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Yes, but not only do they hold their value, they increase over time. You have to remember though that if you buy one at retail, the value will go down at first, but then go up again fairly quickly. Also, always remember, a patek is one of the most storied brands in history so they will ALWAYS be valuable.
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How to tell if a Patek watch is fake?

If there is any glue residue on the crown, it is a pretty goodindication that it is a fake Patek Philippe watch. Oftentimes fakeshave poor grammar or misspelled words.

Do Rolex watches hold their value?

Rolex watches hold their value. In fact, many watches classical Rolex are worth more after 40 years than when they were brand new. One example: A 1960s Rolex GMT Master could

How do you pronounce patek philippe?

Like this..... pah-tek phee-leep pah - "sounds like when you say ah at a dentist office" tek - "like trek from star trek, but minus the r" phee - "like the word fee"

Do Cartier watches hold their value?

Like sports cars high-end watches initially depreciate and then after a short period start to appreciate in value. Vintage Cartier watches are always increasing in value. Try

Why are patek phillipe watches so expensive?

The Patek Phillipe watches are expensive as they are limited innumber. Also unique to this company is the use of silicone movementthat is weather resistant as opposed to quart

How can I check a patek watch to see if its stolen?

You can call the manufacturer or check with the police. The issue is the police aren't all connected with each other. The manufacturer will tell you to send it in and if it's

Do omega watches hold their value?

no some omega watches do not hold their value but most do only if kept in good condition, not put in water or, scratched. so mainly it must be kept in mint condition for it to

The most expensive watch in the world is patek philippe?

Patek Philippe produced an ultra-complicated (with 24 functions) pocket-watch for Henry Graves, Jr. , who entered into a friendly horological competition with James Ward Pac
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Where can one purchase Patek watches?

Patek has its own site which features all kinds of watches that you may be looking for. However, if you want watches at cheap prices, going to a secondary outlet may offer you
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How much do Patek Philippe watches cost?

Regular Patek Philippe watches cost in the range of $10,000-$30,000. However, Patek Philippe currently sells the most expensive watch in the world, valued at roughly $1,000,00
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Patek watches were first manufactured in what year?

Anonti Patek, a Polish watchmaker, began manufacturing pocket watches in Geneva in 1839. He joined French watchmaker Antoine Philippe in 1845, and they founded the Patek Phili