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Do birds eat marshmallows?

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It is dangerous to feed marshmallows, peanut butter, anything "sticky" to birds. Their bills can stick together, other issues, causing injury or death.
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Can dogs eat marshmallows?

  Yes -- they can and do. They can even catch marshmallows! Note that I refer to marshmallows you buy in the store -- not the 200 year old recipe using real marsh mallow p

Can hamsters eat marshmallow?

    NOOOOOOO!!! Never feed a hamster a marshmallow!!!! it gets all stuck in the mouth, they can't open their mouth, therefore they can't eat so they will die. I don't

Do Squirrels Eat Marshmallows?

Yes, they love them. How I know is that my lil sister that is 5 was eating marshmallows one night on our porch and dropped the bag spilling them all over and off of the porch.

Is it safe for cats to eat marshmallows?

Yes, marshmallows are safe for a cat to eat. However, due to the really high sugar content I would suggest that you do not feed them to your cat on a regular basis. Too much s

Can you eat expired marshmallows?

Yes. Marshmellows are made up of mainly sugar. And therefor they do not 'go off' or 'expire' instead they slowely go hard and stale. So unless you like hard and stale marshmel

Can cats get sick if eat marshmallow?

Most likely, pets are not meant to eat food that humans may eat every day. They should strictly stick to a cat food diet, but in saying that my pets tend to have a bit of toas

What religion can't eat marshmallows?

Muslims and Jews cannot eat most types of marshmallows since they  are made from pig-derived gelatin. Jains and other vegetarian  groups (like some Buddhist sects) cannot ea

Can you eat marshmallow for Passover?

Marshmallow is a little problematic with respect to its status under Jewish dietary law. The issue is that marshmallows contain gelatin, and this gelatin usually is made fro

Do cats eat marshmallows?

Yes they do!! They aren't supposed to eat them regularly because it can cause diabetes from the large amounts of sugar. My cat was just eating some for the first time and love