Do narcissists play games with your feelings?

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This depends on which definition of "narcissist" you were referring to.


Extreme narcissism is called Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and, yes... they exaggerate, need attention, and have a hard time understanding or caring about anyone else. It is part of the disorder.
[There are many stories about people in narcissistic relationships in the discussion area. If you have another story, feel free to add it there, but not in the answer area. Thanks.]
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How can you play a Narcissist back at their own game?

I have recently found out that my life has been influenced over a few years by a family member who is very clever and gets her friends to manipulate and spy on me etc as I ref

If you try to play games with the narcissist just to counteract their own games what will they think and how will they react?

If you play games with the narcissist YOU WILL LOSE. They do not play by the same rules as a decent human beings because they do not have empathy and lack conscience which mea

Do you tell a narcissist that you know what game he is playing?

I wouldn't. They are so in denial that they will not believe you anyways. They feel that nothing is wrong with them because they have no idea what true love & empathy feel lik

Play a narcissist at their own game?

Please don't,they are wicked the best you can do is read assimilate some that you read but never forget the most important thing to know is that they don't think,react,feel li

How does a narcissist feel when you move on?

How do they feel? They feel nothing. They just walk out the door and pretend you never existed. It is the victim of a N that has to move on otherwise they just destroy you. My

How do narcissists feel about their birthdays?

They hate birthdays,theirs or anybody else ,even from their kids... Yes they do hate them. Birthdays remind them they are getting older. They are peter pans, always young, i

What does love feel like to a narcissist?

No wonder this question hasn't been answered - it's a paradox. First off, a narcissist is unlikely to be looking at a site dedicated to narcissistic abuse. Secondly, narcissis

Will narcissist feel bad when dump?

How dare you dump a narcissist! They will panic at first. Let you have a day or two to miss their royal presence, maybe leave you a message saying I love you. Then if you refu

How can you play a narcissist back at his own game?

You will never win against a narcissist. The best advice I can give is to run away and think of yourself. Wake up to the fact that every glimmer of hope is false. Ignore him a

How do you make a narcissist feel special?

First you need to understand the mind of a narcissist. Psychological Narcissism is defined by overt behaviors that boost ones ego at the disparaging effects of another. If

Does a narcissist feel bad after a breakup?

No. He only feels bad that he lost his source of supply. i.e. whatyou could do for him. He found you useful - and now he has devaluedand discarded you.. You will soon be repla