Do octopus eat pufferfish?

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What eats an octopus?

Octopus are prey for sperm whales and other whales, moray and konger eels, dolphins and sharks. And humans, notably in Japan and Southeast Asia.

What eats octopus?

Whales eat octopus [sperm whales have giant octopus as a favorite food]. Octopus eat each other octopus. Humans eat octopus. Anything that can catch an octopus (that isn't easy) will eat it. Killer whales [or Orcas, a kind of toothed whale] eat octopuses.

What does an octopus eat?

Octopuses eat small crabs and scallops,plus some snails, fish, turtles and other octopuses. adult octopi eat crabs, clams, snails, small fish and even other smaller octopi. they use small parrot like beaks to crush their pray.

What Does Octopus Eat?

The octopii eat chicken and squid. Sometimes they taste like chicken too. Special divers dive down with chickens to feed them. It's a long process but very useful.

What do pufferfish eat?

you will need to feed them pieces of scallop,crab legs,oysters also gut loaded ghost shrimp,brine shrimp,blood worms and snails.

Do dolphins eat octopus?

Dolphins have been known to eat octopus, squid, and other type ofsea life, including different types of fish. They may also eatseals or sea lions.

How does an octopus eat?

An octopus eats by catching its prey in its arms, then killing it by biting it with a kind of beak they have

What eats the octopus?

Octopii are eaten by humans. They are eaten also by squids, as in Captain Nemo's 20000 Leagues under the Sea.

Do squid eat octopus?

I don't know for certain if squid can eat octopus..but, it is known and documented that some species of octopus prey and feed on other it would seem that large octopus would probably eat smaller squid and large squid would probably eat small octopus ( if they are caught and available) i (MORE)

What do dumbo octopus eat?

they eat crustaceans and zooplankton octopuses eat more than just that. They eat fish and crab plankton and more then I can name. They don't JUST eat crustaceans and zooplankton. People I am a expert on octopus and I still go the school.

What is does an octopus eat?

They eat crabs, lobsters, and other shellfish. For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section ( indicated below.

Why pufferfish eat lemons?

because they like the citricness woooooooooooooooooooo because they like the citricness woooooooooooooooooooo because they like the citricness woooooooooooooooooooo

How does the octopus eat?

I've heard that they emit a black powder-like gas in the ocean to confuse/blind their prey, and attack! Recently, I read on the newspaper that if they're really, really hungry, they'll even eat one of they tentacles! No kidding, they do regenerate.

How do you kill and eat octopus?

To kill it you bite/stab/smash its brain between the eyes, immediately killing it. The octopus skin then turns white when its dead. To cook, you can batter it like calamari...boil, then roll in flour, and cook in hot oil. Or, you can b (MORE)

What do an octopus eat?

octopuses eat shellfish,snails,turtles, especially crabs. The suction helps the octopus grab its food. Octopuses eat only once or twice everyday.

What does blue ringed octopus eat?

Their diet typically consists of small crab and shrimp, but they may also feed on fish if they can catch them. They pounce on their prey, paralyze them with venom and use their beaks to tear off pieces. They then suck out the flesh from the crustacean's exoskeleton.

Can humans eat pufferfish?

Humans can eat pufferfish, but not all of it. Fugu, what we know as pufferfish, is a delicacy in Japan. Lisenced resturants that serve pufferfish also specialize in the removal of the fish's deadly poison. If left unremoved the fish could be the last meal for up to thirty adults.

Do octopus eat plankton?

No, Octopuses eat small crabs and scallops, plus some snails, fish, turtles, crustaceans (like shrimp ), and other octopuses. They catch prey with their arms, then kill it by biting it with their tough beak, paralyzing the prey with a nerve poison, and softening the flesh. They then suck out the (MORE)

What do young octopus eat?

The octopus is a hunting carnivore, much like a tiger in the jungle. Depending on the size and species of the octopus they will eat fish, sharks, clams, and much more.

Can you die from eating octopus?

Answer . Yes . If it is not eaten properly, its legs can choke you by clogging your wind pipe. . Answer . No, it is great food. In Italy it is called calamari and is served all the time in great restaurants all over the world. In Japan it's called tako, and is eaten raw.

What can eat an octopus?

In nature octopi are eaten by sharks and other large fish. People also enjoy octopus as food.

How much does a pufferfish eat per day?

I cant really explain how much it eats a day but I can explain whatit eats and its size: The diet of the puffer fish is mostly invertebrates and algae.Large specimens will even crack open and eat clams,mussels, andshellfish. Its size can be up to 3 feet.

Does a blue whale eat octopus?

No.They eat a tiny sea creatures - krill or plankton. An Adult bluewhale can eat up to 40 million creatures per day - that's nearly3500 kilograms of it.. They need 1.5 million kilocalories of energyper day and so, they eat nonstop.

Do monkeys eat the tree octopus?

There are no monkeys native to the US Pacific Northwest. The tree octopus is said to live exclusively in the forests of western Washington state. The main threat to the tree octopus was from another primate, the Sasquatch, which were said to feed on it. Of course, Sasquatch may not exist, and the t (MORE)

Is it possible to eat a pufferfish?

Even though this is the second most toxic vertebrate to humans, the meat can be eaten if it is prepared very carefully by a trained chef. In fact its a delicacy in Japan and Korea.

Why is there numbness after eating a pufferfish meal?

From . Puffer poisoning usually results from consumption of incorrectly prepared puffer soup, fugu chiri or occasionally from raw puffer meat, . While chiri is much more likely to cause death, sashimi fugu o (MORE)

Can you eat an octopus?

You bet! It is a common cuisine in Mediterranean dishes and is called calamari. It is often deep fried. Octopus salad is an oriental delicacy. It is also served as sushi. Actually, calamari is squid, but octopus is still enjoyed in many parts of the world.

Can an Octopus eat a human?

Some species of octopus can kill a human, but will only do this if the feel threatened. They can bite you but they cannot eat you.

What marine animals eat the Pufferfish?

Many chefs who cook the puffer fish know more than anyone. The puffer fish contains loads of toxic stuff and could kill someone if it wanted to!! . I don't think any do. The puffer fish is extremely poisonous. .

Do octopus eat meat and plants?

well, an octopus has a diet that consists of small fish, snails, crabs, and clams. they can squeeze all of the liquids in their prey out. then after they flush the liquids out, they slowly eat it through the mouth that is underneath it's body

Can an octopus eat a snake?

It could if the snake did not know it was there, and it depends on the octopus size. If the snake wrapped around the octopus to eat, the octopus can grab its head and attack it back.

Can an octopus eat a bird?

It can if the octopus was lying in the tidepool and the bird approached the octopus. It depends how big is the octopus also.

Can humans eat octopus ink?

Although it may seem like a bad idea to some people, it is ok toeat the ink of an octopus. Not alone however. You should it withsome form of meat.

What big fish eat the octopus?

Sperm Whales just swallow these things. They usually own sharks but sometimes sharks own them. Squids have been known to be carnivores and eat these too.

Does a octopus eat a seal?

Negative; not any octopus that I have ever heard of. Bottom-dwelling octopuses main source of food is crabs, polychaete worms, and other molluscs such as whelks and clams. As for open-ocean octopuses, they eat mainly prawns, fish and other cephalopods.

Does a tiger shark eat an octopus?

Yes. The tiger shark can eat almost anything that lives in the ocean, and is smaller than the tiger shark is, and it can certainly eat an octopus.

Does seagull eat octopus?

first they rip the head off the octopus then they suck out the juices by moving their mouths up and down the octopus

How does octopus eats?

It grabs its prey with its tenticles and puts its prey in its mouthwitch is located under its tenticles

Do Giant Octopus eats sharks?

Yes they can killand eat sharks and this octopus is verybig in size and it is easy for him to catch and eat sharks