Do pollen grains transport genetic material from flower to flower?

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The part of the flower that makes pollen?

The part of the flower that produces pollen is called the stamen.The stamen is made of two parts, the filament and the anther. Thefilament is the little stem that holds up the anther, which is thepart that actually makes the pollen.

Why do flowers have pollen?

pollen grains are the male gametes .And if there wont be any pollen then what will fuse with the female gamete.................... Thus female gametes need pollen to reproduce as with out it there wont be any flowers in the world In other words the pollen fertilizes the ovary, in order to create (MORE)

How many sperm are in the pollen grain of a flowering plant?

two based on "This structure is called the pollen grain. The smaller generative cell divides mitotically (either now or later) to produce two sperm. The two sperm are located inside the pollen tube." - Inquiry into Life : 11th edition; page 179

Which of these true 1 after pollination the grain trvels down inside carpel 2 all flowers are pollinated by insects 3 all flowers are pollinated by pollen from a different flower?

1. After pollination, the pollen grain travels down inside the carpel. This is true : the pollen grain lands on the surface of the stigma, and germinates to give the pollen tube. The pollen tube then pushes between the looselt packed cells of the style, with the pollen tube nucleus preceding the 2 (MORE)

The purpose of a pollen grain on a flower?

The purpose of pollen is to transfer the male reproductive cells (sperm) to the female reproductive cells (ovules) and thus to allow sexual reproduction. Pollen can be so transferred by many methods - wind, gravity, insects, etc. The pollen receptive part of the flower (the stigma) is often sticky, (MORE)

How many pollen grains are deposited into the female flower?

as many that stick to the stamen. it differs from plant to plant and it also depends on how many pollen grains stick to the insect that carries it.. though once the pollen grain comes into contact with the stamen a pollen tube is created to reach the ovary. then two "sperm" come from this tube and (MORE)

Where are the pollen grains produced in flowers?

Pollen grains are often called as microspores or male gametes. They are produced in pollen sacs present in pollen chambers in the anthers of the flower . They are produced due to repeated division of microspore mothercells and are haploid (n).

How are pollen grains transferred from flower to flower?

Pollen can be dispersed by wind, gravity, animals and water . However the largest group responsible for pollination are insects . Plants can also undergo self-pollination if the flower fails to be pollinated by an external factor.

How can pollen be carried from flower to flower?

Pollen can be carried from flower to flower by several pollinatingagents such as bees, wasps, flies, hummingbirds. Some plants selfpollinate. Humans trying to create hybreds can pollinate with aQtip.

How does pollen get to flowers?

Flowers grow the (male) pollen, then various animals carry thepollen to the (female) gynoecium (typically a stigma) to causereproduction

What is the function of the pollen sacs in a flower?

the function of the pollen sac is to produce pollen (pollen grains). The pollen sac is the microsporangium of a seed plant in which pollen is produced. Most plants except coniferous plants contain four (4) pollen sacs.

Why do flowers have so many pollens grains and ovules?

For pollen grains, the answer is easy - not all pollen will reach another flower, it has to depend on wind or an animal vector, and some may be lost to rain or being brushed off by a non-pollinating organism that happens to come in contact with the pollen. So the more pollen produced, the better the (MORE)

Where are pollen grains transported from?

pollen grains are transported from the microsporangium (contained in the anther of an angiosperm flower, male cone of a coniferous plant, or male cone of other seed plants)

How a pollen grain on the stigma is able to fertilize an ovule in the ovary of the flower?

Some of the pollen grains carried by wind,insects,birds or bats may reach a carpel and stick to the ripe stigma.Each pollen grain produces a tiny tube which grows down to the style,into the ovary and towards the ovules or egg cells.when one of the tubes reaches an ovule,it bursts open.A male nucleus (MORE)

Why do pollen tube grains only produce tubes in flowers of their own species?

well basically it goes like this . first of all, humans cant reproduce with other animals apart from other humans of the opposite gender (example) . also, the flower is only adapted to the same typeofpollen grains,so it wouldnt do anything to get a different one . also,getting to females or twom (MORE)

How does a pollen grain travel through the parts of a flower to finally become a seed?

The pollen grain released from the anther lobe during anthesis reaches the stigma by pollination. Thereafter, it germinates on the compatible stigma to send pollen tube to the micropyle of the ovule inside the ovary. The male gametes from the pollen grain are transferred to the embryo sac for fertil (MORE)