Do the temperature affect the rate of evaporation?

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Yes the hotter the weather the faster the evaporation, the colder the slower
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How does evaporation affect the temperature of liquid?

Liquid does not need to be heated to evaporate. This should not be confused with boiling when heat is certinly required. In a liquid, all the particles have a range of energie

Does temperature affect evaporation?

Yes, although any liquid can evaporate in any temperature, warm air makes a liquid evaporate faster because the energy in the molecules is more causing the molecules to escape

Does the temperature affect the rate of evaporation?

Yes, evaporation occurs when some molecules in a solution have enough kinetic energy to escape from the surface of the bulk liquid. The kinetic energy is dependent on temperat

How does the humidity affect the rate of evaporation?

at a given temperature, the higher the humidity, the lower theevaporation rate. the evaporation rate drops to zero when humidityis at 100 percent. in a practical case, evapora

How do temperature and wind speed affect the rate of evaporation?

Heat increases the rate of evaporation. As the liquid gets heated the molecules vibrate more rapidly with more energy than cold liquids. The energy therefore makes the molecu
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Does the color affect the evaporation rate?

no if you put blue dye in one pot of water and red in another as long as the amount of water, colour, pot and temperature they will evapourate at the same time :) .
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Does color affect evaporation rate?

yes color does affects evap rate as diff color has diff light absorbing power and hence there is variation in evap rate