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Do you have to be 18 to go to the warped tour?

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No, it is an all-ages show.
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Can you get Warped Tour tickets at the event?

  Yes...but only buy them at the box office. They are $40. A lot of people in Atlanta got ripped off by buying them off people on the street, and the tickets were not even

Can kids enter the warped tour?

yeah, warped has no age limit. (I wouldn't recommend this, but) sometimes people even bring their infant and young children to warped. Word of advice. If your a small child,

How long does warped tour last?

Doors open at 11, but the parking lot opens at 9:30. Its better to get there early because some bands start at 11:15 and you wont know till you get inside. And the last band i

What do they sell at warped tour?

  I went to the warped tour about a month and a half ago. For almost every band, there is a booth, at the booth, they usually sell shirts, jewelry,Cd's and posters all abo

What time does warped tour end?

  warped tour ends at around 8:30-9. it ends around the time the last band plays. you do not know that until the day of warped.

How does a band get on the Warped Tour?

Bands can play their local date of the Warped Tour by winning the Ernie Ball Batttle Of The Bands or by winning the Earn It Yourself spot on the Kevin Says Stage. In order t

How old do you have to be to go to warped tour?

Any age! At least in New York. I would recommend age 14 and up. My 16 year old son has gone a few times. Check your venue, just in case there is an age requirement...or check

How safe is vans warped tour?

It's fairly safe. Vans Warped Tour 2009 is an all ages show so you are id'd for all alcoholic beverages unless you're like 90. Now mosh pits are kind of dangerous but that's k

What is Warped tour?

    Vans Warped Tour is the best tour of all!     a whole bunch of bands get together and play they do it for several months in the summer. EVERY YEAR!