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A 1099-C is a cancellation of debt form. The technical answer to your question is yes, however, under certain circumstances you may be able to avoid paying by showing insolvency, like in the case of a foreclosure. A 1099-C applies when you borrowed money, since you were expected to pay it back then in that instance you are not required to pay back. When the situation arises and you are unable to pay the debt, the lender has to cancel the debt, however, at the time the debt is cancelled the amount you had borrowed becomes income since you are not going to pay it back. In that case, like almost all income it is subject to income taxes. There are exeptions, like in the case of a foreclosure, however, you have to qualify. To figure out if you qualify it is imperative that you check with an excellent accountant or someone that deals with tax liability (i.e. Enrolled Agent) and understands tax law. Hope this helps. Roger Hadad, Effectur Inc., www.irs101.blogspot.com
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