Do you need your social security card or number to get a Florida id?

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social security card and i dont believe youll need yournubr but check just in case
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Why do employers need social security cards?

Employers need social security cards to make sure you can work in the US. If the employer is caught having an employee who isn't a citizan than they can get into a lot of trou

Why do prepaid cards need social security?

Prepaid cards, like the Visa Vision Premier prepaid card for example, requires a valid social security number because it's required by government regulations.

Do you need a social security number?

Referring to the application process of colleges and universities, typically you do not need a social security number. For individuals who do not have one, the institution wil

What do you need to get a social security card?

Evidence of Age In general, you must provide your birth certificate. In some situations, Social Security Administration may accept another document that shows your age. Some o

Is social security number needed?

if you want to be an existing member of society? yes social security number is your existence in government databases, without SS number, you don't exist

Do you need your social security card to get a permit?

Some states MAY require it in order to verify your SSN. Although not all states do, some may even use it (in one form or another) as your license number. Usually only a valid

How many numbers does a social security card have?

A social security number has nine digits in the pattern 123-45-6789. There are other places that numbers may appear on the actual card, but they don't have any real significan

Is a taxpayer id number the same as a social security number?

No. A Taxpayer Identification number is issued by the IRS, an illegally constitued Federal agency to collect various taxes and fees (new Health Care Fee has been variously def

What does the number in your social security card stand for?

The red numbers on the back of a social security card are control numbers that verify the authenticity of the card. They serve no other purpose.