Do you paid taxes on checking account?

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The only tax you would pay on money in a checking account is any interest the money made if it is a interest type of account.
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What kind of taxes will need to be paid on a considerable sum of money from a deceased mother's checking account when it is divided between the surviving children?

Answer . Estate taxes are what need to be paid. The executor of the estate, or their legal advisor, should have a good handle on the process. If the value of the estate

If I paid taxes and didn't get a refund will I get a stimulus check?

As far as I can tell, the stimulus check is more about the taxes you paid. The amount you would get is calculated on the amount of income and taxes you paid.

Will the IRS require back taxes on the funds in a personal checking account If I have not filed for taxes?

Dear Taxpayer, I'll try to answer your question based on what I understand it to be although the phrasing is somewhat vague.. If you have a bank account that pays interest, (

Can a tax refund be decreased if a checking account is being offset?

This could be possible. The Department of Treasury's Financial Management Service (FMS), which issues IRS tax refunds, is authorized to operate the Treasury Offset Program. In

If your employer with held taxes from your check but never paid them in who do you report it to?

The IRS would be a good place to start. ans If he sends you a W2 that is incorrect for any reason, the steps would be: Contact them by phone and writing. Many problems

Journal entry income tax paid from own account?

Accounting Treatment relating to Income Tax is as follows: (1) At the time of paying advance tax: Advance Income Tax Paid A/c Dr. To BankA/c (2)At the time of maki
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Can you deposit a tax check in your friends account?

It Depends: 1. Yes you can - If you are a joint holder of his bank account 2. No you cannot - If he is the only holder of his bank account This is because, a check can be
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Can you have my tax check deposited in my dad account?

It Depends: . Yes you can - If you are a joint holder of your dads account . No you cannot - If your dad is the only holder of his account . This is because, a check can