Do you put a comma after the year in a sentence?

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No unless it's structurally necessary such as at the end of a preposition. When writing the date using numbers for the day and year, a comma is inserted between the two.
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Do you put a comma after the word 'which' in a sentence?

The comma goes before the word 'which', e.g.. The girl put on her shoes , which were red, and picked up her school bag.. I suppose there could also be a comma after 'which'

Where do you put a comma in a sentence?

Well pretty much whenever you would pause, a comma would go. For instance, here is an example : There was a big brown happy dog that enjoyed jumping. Of you read it outloud, y

Do you put a comma after recently in a sentence?

It depends on the sentence structure. If "recently" is modifying the rest of the sentence, then use a comma. If it is modifying a specific verb, do not use a comma. Example

Do i put a comma after starting a sentence with this?

It entirely depends on what your sentence is. Usually there will be no comma, for example: 'This is the happiest day of my life.' 'This was definitely not what I was expectin

Do you put a comma after but or and when it starts a sentence?

Sentences shouldn't start with the words 'and' or 'but'. However, this rule is often overlooked for dramatic or other purposes. When it is done though, a comma should usually