Does Amy like Sonic only?

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Amy likes Sonic but Sonic doesn't like her.
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Does Sonic like Amy?

Whether or not he likes her back has been left to speculation. He is usually shown running away or ignoring her when she wants to ask if they could be together. Still that doe

Why doesnt Sonic like Amy?

The Answer: Because Amy is just a fangirl who bugs Sonic the Hedgehog a lot. And Sonic loves someone else.

Sonic likes Amy?

Yes Sonic has feelings for Amy, but is to shy to show it.

Does sonic like Amy or love Amy?

He likes her as a friend. But Amy has a huge,creepy crush on so sonic and he tries to avoid Amy. Also It would be weird cause Amy is 12 and sonic is 15

Why does Amy like sonic but not shadow?

because sonic is faster than shadow. plus shadow always does "CHAOS BLAST" That is not an accurate answer. Amy likes Sonic because he always comes to her rescue and save her