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CB radio is a two-way radio. They can communicate only with radios which use CB frequencies - they can't communicate with Business Radio, Family Radio Service,, Ham, General Mobile Radio Service, etc. radios.
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What is quiet talk on two way radios?

Quiet Talk is achieved through the use of a Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System or CTCSS. This is a circuit that is used to reduce the annoyance of listening to other users o

What does CB stand for in CB radio communications between truckers?

CB = Citizens Band. What makes it different from other radio "services" is not so much who is allowed to use it, but the qualifications they have to meet in order to use i

Can you track a two way radio?

Yes, it is possible to use direction finder devices (usually radio receivers with directional Antennas abbreviated to "DF receivers"), the most common and oldest method is tri

How far do CB radios transmit?

For a walkie talkie, you can expect one to two miles. For a mobile unit, two to five miles with a barefoot radio is typical. A base station using a full wave (11 metre) antenn

Where can you buy Galaxy Cb radios?

You can purchase any type C B Radio at J & L Electronics in Troutville, Va. just North of Exit 150 on Rte 11 ,across from Cracker Barrel Restaurant. Phone 540-992-3435

Who uses cb radios?

Ususally truck drivers use them if it's an emergency, or just to talk to other truck drivers when bored. :)


A CB radio is a wireless transceiver that operates on the frequency band called Citizen Band, CB. This band has been reserved for the public. In some countries license is re

Can you use a CB Radio at home?

yes but you will need a 12 volt converter to plug into your wall and you will need an antenna going from the top of your home to the area you want the cb at.

How do you get power to a CB radio in a car?

  Locate the fuse panel in your vehicle, usually in the passenger compartment near your left knee. There, you will find a panel with a number of fuses plugged in. It would

What are two way radios used for?

Two way radios are used to transmit and receive. What I mean by that is a two way radio allows two people to talk to each with similar devices on the same radio frequency. It'

What is the range of a cb radio?

In a line of sight condition about 5 to 15 miles, in hilly terrain it might be as low as a mile. CB radios come in many different power levels currently. My answer pertains to

Why was the CB radio invented?

For communication  +++   More specifically, because that first answer applies to a vast  field or means of communicating, as a means for private individuals  in fairly

Where can a two way radio headset be bought?

When one wants to purchase a two way radio headset, one might start by looking at any local brick-and mortar (offline) electronics store or visiting online stores like Amazon,