Does CB radio can communicate with two way radio?

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CB radio is a two-way radio. They can communicate only with radios which use CB frequencies - they can't communicate with Business Radio, Family Radio Service,, Ham, General Mobile Radio Service, etc. radios.
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Who invented the two way radio?

Dr. Mahlom Loomis invented the first radio. He was a dentist in Washington D.C. In 1865 he sent 18 kites miles away from each other on the West Vriginia mountain. He recived c


A CB radio is a wireless transceiver that operates on the frequency band called Citizen Band, CB. This band has been reserved for the public. In some countries license is requ

Can a cb radio connect to a 2 way radio?

A CB radio is a two-way radio. The radio transmits directly to another radio, and receives transmissions directly from other radios, and it's all done on the same frequency. W

Can you track a two way radio?

Yes, it is possible to use direction finder devices (usually radio receivers with directional Antennas abbreviated to "DF receivers"), the most common and oldest method is tri

What does CB stand for in CB radio communications between truckers?

CB = Citizens Band. What makes it different from other radio "services" is not so much who is allowed to use it, but the qualifications they have to meet in order to us

What kind of cb radio lets you communicate across the US?

One that's been subject to illegal modifications. 27Mhz is limited to a few miles due to the curvature of th earth. Great distances are achieved by using 'Skip'. 27Mhz b

Where can two way radios be purchased?

Two way radios can be purchased in any hardware or audio store. You can also find them at stores such as Best Buy, Future Shop, Canadian Tire and Walmart.
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Who communicates through a two way radio?

Two way radios are used by a variety of people. Some examples of two-way radio users are emergency personal, police officers, truck drivers and CB radio enthusiasts.
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What are two way radios used for?

Two way radios are used to transmit and receive. What I mean by that is a two way radio allows two people to talk to each with similar devices on the same radio frequency. It'
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Where can one find a CB two way radio online?

CB radios can be found online on the websites of electronic's companies, including Radioshack. They can also be found online on auction sites, such as eBay.