Does Carnell Breeding have a girlfriend?

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Rumors say that he's dating Desiree but hes not.
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Is carnell breeding dating?

Carnell Breeding is dating singer Miki's little cousin Desiree. They've been dating for 8 months already.

Who is carnell breeding?

One of the members of the boy band B5. B5 is a band consisting of 5 brothers. Carnell is the second youngest.

Who is carnell breedings ex girlfriend?

He does not have a girlfriend at the moment..... im guessing he is not lookin but, if i meet him he just mite have a but if anyone knoz who hiz gf iz..... just let

Who is dating carnell breeding?

Carnell Breeding is part of the boy band B5. He is reportedlysingle and not dating anyone. The band B5 is previously known asTNT Boyz.
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What is notable about Carnell Breeding?

Carnell Breeding is one of five brothers belongs to a music group known as B5. The group consists of all five brothers singing R&B style music and originally come from St. Pet