Does Eminem have 2 daughters?

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In Eminem
He has one biological daughter, one adopted daughter, and another girl who is the daughter of his ex-wife. Their names are Hailie, Alaina, and Whitney.

(He currently has care or custody of the 3 girls.)
  • Hailie Jade Scott born on December 25, 1995 is Eminems only biological daughter.
  • He also adopted her cousin from her mom's side, Amanda, renamed Alaina (Lainie) Born on May 3rd 1993, Alaina Marie Scott.
  • He also has care of his ex-wife Kim's daughter (by Eric Hartter), Whitney Laine Scott, born April 16th, 2002.

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How old are eminems daughters?

His daughter Hailie, was born on December 25 ( Christmas ) of 1995, so she is 17 years old His adopted daughter Alania, witch is his niece but he has custody of here was born on May 3 1993 So that makes her 16 He also has a daughter that is his ex wife Kim's daughter with her boyfriend and her name (MORE)

Does Eminem live with his daughter?

eminem has shared custody of his daughter hailie he also adopted his niece aliana and kims daughter from another relationship Whitney he also takes care of his maternal half brother Nathan

Does Eminem have a daughter?

He has three daughters. Hailie Jade Mathers-His only biological daughter. Alaina Marie Mathers-His niece that he adopted. Whitney Mathers-Adopted. Kim's daughter with another man. Answer He has two daughters, one biological and one adopted. 1) Hailie Jade Mathers (born December 25, 1995) is E (MORE)

How old is hailie Eminem daughter?

Kim and Marshall began their on-and-off relationship in 1989, and were married on June 14, 1999. In 2000, they filed for divorce shortly after Kim's second drunk driving conviction. The couple first divorced in 2001 but remarried in January 2006. Their second divorce was finalized in December of the (MORE)

Who is Eminems daughters?

Hailie and Lainie. Lainie is Eminem's exwife's Twin Sister's kid. Eminem Adopted her when she was a baby. Eminem loves her like she is his own. Hailie was born the same year Eminem And Kim (exwife) got married. She lives with Eminem. She was born on Dec 25 and is currently 15 (Written on Feb 24, (MORE)

Why was eminem happy when Stan said he would name his daughter bonnie?

Well all I know is that Eminem has a song called 97 Bonnie and Clyde. so I'm not sure of the significance but i know the song is about Hailie. . Answer . The song 97 Bonnie & Clyde was about Hailie(his daughter). He was happy because Eminem refers to him-self and Hailie as Bonnie & Clyde..Hints (MORE)

Why does eminem have custody of kim's daughter?

Em and Kim have one daughter together, Hailie Jade, and when Kim was arrested for drug abuse he got custody. The other daughter he has is adopted and her mom is Dawn, Kims twin sister. She couldn't take care of her and she lived with Em and Kim when they were married and Em adopted her.

What are the names of eminems daughters?

He has three daughters-Hailie his biological daughter, Whitney his ex-wifes daughter with another man but he adopted her, and Alaina or Laney and she is his ex-wifes twin sisters kid.

Does Eminem have a daughter called jemz?

yes but he never talks bout her cuz she's 19 and he dnt lik 2 tlk bout it cuz they had a bit of a fall out and it his own lil girl so .... how Did U find out bout her? the reason i know it is cuz she in ma university... (she's in Detroit)

Does Eminem have a daughter named Lainey?

He has his daughter, Halie and he has a STEP daughter, Lainey, he is the legal guardian of Whitney Mathers who is Kimberly's daughter from another relationship and he is the legal guardian of his younger brother.

What is Eminems 2nd and 3rd daughters names are?

Alaina and Whitney. I don't personally feel it is pertinent, but surely this will get edited otherwise by some KIA, so, for the record, these aren't his biological beauties. (A father's a father and he stepped up for these little ladies..that's what IS pertinent.)

Does Eminem have his daughters?

yes Eminem has his daughter Hailie (and his neice Lainee) whenevr he can and visits them whenever he can and takes them to the studios.

Does Eminem care bout his daughter?

yes because numeros songs stay that he loves his daughter. but he had went with dre and that's when he started getign realy famous but the thing is they were poor and going trough struggles that he couldn't see Haliey that much because he had to go to his shows all the time

What is Eminem daughter full name?

At any rate, what is the relevance to all these questions? And further, what makes anyone privileged to anther's personal information? "..Man if you could understand why I am the way that I am.."

Laney Eminem sister or daughter?

Laney is Eminem's neice. Laney's parents did drugs and so Eminem and now his ex wife Kim adopted her when she was little about 2 or younger.

Whats eminems daughter names?

Hailie is his biological daughter. Adopted daughters Alaina and Whitney. Then he adopted his half brother Nathan.

How do people know eminem is protective of his daughters?

Because he writes lot of songs about how he wanted to protect them but the pain wouldn't go away and also lot of the songs he writes is based on how he wanted to protect Hailie Mathers but Kimberley Mathers got arrested and he was upset she had to witness it.

What is eminem's 2 daughters called?

Well, his 3 daughters are called Hailie, Alaina, and Whitney. Only Hailie is his, and Alania is his niece. Whitney is his ex wife's from another guy.