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No, Naruto does not obtain the Sharingan because it is a bloodline jutsu. Meaning only people in that family/clan (in this case Uchiha Clan) will be able to obtain it's abilities. Though Naruto is related to the Sharingan because in order for Sasuke to obtain a another type of Sharingan (Mangekyou Sharingan) you are to kill your best friend.
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i agree with the bloodline thing but naruto has a dream and itachi ask him why he wants to save sasuke and things. then you no how itachi goes into a crow when he disappers he fly in to naruto mouth and say im giving you my power and naruto wakes up with sharingan

-Naruto actually does get th sharingan when itachi instills within him the power of his sharingan just like he does with sasuke. Itachi use a genijutsu on both of them to make them believe that it was just a dream when the time comes naruto will obtain his sharigan and be able to use it.
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Does Naruto have sharingan?

Naruto can't have Sharingan because 1. He's not an from the Uchiha clan he is from the Uzumaki clan and 2. If Itachi were to give Naruto Sharingan Itachi must die and Itachi d

Does Naruto get the sharingan?

depends on if he unlocks his blood traits reason being is that since his father is the 4th his father is related to the 1st and the first married a uchia to keep peace so he w

Will Naruto get Sharingan?

No, Naruto will never get a Sharingan. The Sharingan is a bloodline limit, or in other words it is genetic. Naruto is not part of the same family as any Sharingan user, and th

Does Naruto will use sharingan?

its possible because just like when sasukes amaterasu activated when madara got too close just like that i guess it will be narutos last resort against sasuke if they went at

How did Kakashi from Naruto get a sharingan eye?

kakashi originally had a regular eye. but in one of his missions with his team, someone either cuts out his eye, rips his eye, or burns his eye (i dont know how exactly). one