Does Qatar have a king?

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In Qatar
Qatar has an Amir not a king but it is a monarchy.
According to the CIA World Factbook:

chief of state: Amir TAMIM bin Hamad Al Thani (since 25 June 2013)
head of government: Prime Minister ABDALLAH bin Nasir bin Khalifa Al Thani (since 26 June 2013); Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad bin Abdallah al-MAHMUD (since 20 September 2011)
cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the amir.
Elections/appointments: the monarchy is hereditary; prime minister and deputy prime minister appointed by the amir.
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What languages are spoken in Qatar?

Many languages are spoken in Qatar but the main language isArabic. The main language is Arabic, albeit spoken with a distinct localdialect. For example the standard word for yes in Arabic is Naam,but many Qataris will say Aiwa instead. English is widely spoken inthe country, and due to the huge pro (MORE)

Where is Qatar?

Qatar is in the middle east of Asia, in the Gulf of Arabia. it's a small country. The Qatari people are 99.8% Muslim and it has a population of 900,000 people. . For more information see the related links.

Does Qatar have acura?

Qatar has available all the cars that we have here in the States, and more. Some may be named differently (Ford 500 here is the Mondeo there), but they have all the same brands. When I spent 2 months in Doha, I saw more money driving around on the streets than I've ever seen before in my life. The s (MORE)

Schools in Qatar?

gulf English school and qatar acdamey and aljazeera school and athors Arabic schools gulf English school and qatar acdamey and aljazeera school and athors Arabic schools

Who is the leader of Qatar?

the leader of qatar is hamad bn khalifa althani who became qatar leader in 1995 The leader of Qatar is the Emir. The current Emir is Sheikh TamimBin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. He was born in 1980 and is a memberof the Al Thani family, the House of Thani. This family has beenruling the country since (MORE)

What is the wildlife in Qatar?

More than you might think for a dry arid country, actually. There are tonnes of red foxes - smaller than their European cousins - although you are not likely to see them. More rarer are Rueppell's Sand Fox. In the last few years two rare animals have been sighted - the honey badger and the sand cat. (MORE)

Does Qatar have oil?

Lots and lots of it. That's why the Qatari people are so blessed financially, from the oil interests in their country.

Map of Qatar?

Qatar is the country which has been controversially chosen to hostthe 2022 FIFA World Cup. You can find a map of the country online.

Wildlife about Qatar?

A list of wildlife in Qatar would include the sand snake, thefork-tongue desert monitor lizard, and the Arabian Oryx, which isthe national symbol of Qatar. Other animals include the Arabiangazelle, also called the reem gazelle, and the Ethiopian hedgehog.

Is Qatar in the Middle East?

Yes. Qatar is a peninsula extending from the Northern coast of Saudi Arabia into the Arabian (Iranian's will say Persian) Sea.

Is Qatar a country?

Yes, Qatar is a country. It is on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf, connected by land to Saudi Arabia. It is just east of the island of Bahrain.

Is Qatar a city?

Its a State.. . But it have Doha City and its biggest city in Qatar..

How safe is Qatar?

Its 100% Safe . Thers a god Law.. . and so much police around and all Qatar ppl are kind and good

Is Qatar in Europe?

Qatar is an Arab emirate occupying a Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the larger Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south and is otherwise surrounded by the Persian Gulf. This put Qatar on the continent of Asia . I advice you to check a map, those are quite useful. Quata (MORE)

What is the region of Qatar?

All Qatari people are muslim, and most people that live in qatar(qatari or not) are muslim. There are some christians, but only a few..

How big is Qatar?

The country of Qatar is located in Asia. It is one of the smallestcountries on the continent, It is just over 4,400 square miles big.

How old is Qatar?

i think Qatar is 135 years old because it was founded in 18 decemder 1878

Where did Qatar get water from?

From the Arabian sea through a process called desalination. They use Gas to power the generators which powers the desalination process

What do you know about Qatar?

Qatar is an Arab state located in western Asia. The capital is Dota. The population was approximately 1,903,000 as of 2013.

How did Qatar become a country?

From what I can understand Qatar was occupied by the British and UAE. They found evidence that people have lived in Qatar since the stone age.

Why do you wish to join Qatar Airways?

You could say: I wish to join Qatar Airways because I am a hardworking person that believes in quality service and attention todetails. I would do my best to make the customers feel welcome.

What countries border on Qatar?

Qatar is a penninsula, and only shares a land border with Saudi Arabia. It has a water border with Bahrain, Iran, and the UAE.

Is Qatar an open country?

It is forbidden to date before marriage in Qatar, so it is not avery open country. It uses traditional prearranged marriages.

Is there a river in Qatar?

In Doha, there is a man made canal. In Qatar, there are various inlets in the sea, bays and I think one man made lake. Qatar is originally just desert.

What is the architecture in Qatar?

Qatar, and the rest of the gulf, have a very unique architecture. Doha has a mixture of big skyscrapers, white villas and traditional Arabian architecture.

Is there a brothel in Qatar?

There are no brothels in Qatar. Prostitution and the running of a brothel are illegal and subject to prison sentences in Qatar.

How do you be tourist in Qatar?

If you are from one of the nations who can get a visa at the airport then you can just pack your bag and come to Qatar. That is most of EU, USA, Aus, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, basically first world countries. If you are not from those countries then you need to contact a five start hotel in Doh (MORE)

What are the regions of qatar?

Qatar is divided into seven municipal regions: . Madinat Al Shamal . Al Khor . Umm Salal . Al Daayen . Al Rayyan . Doha . Al Wakrah

Is Qatar a republic?

Its a State, and is ruled by an Emir who is from the Al-Thani royal family of Qatar

Email address of Burger King at qatar?

Dear Sir, Am Muhammad Naseem from Pakistan. I write to state that your Air Force team selected candidate for Qatar Air Force in Islamabad Embassy .But they not selected marred they only selected those person who their relative in already in Qatar Air Force. i requested u that pl advise to team (MORE)

Does Qatar have beaches?

Yes, there are various beautiful beaches in Al Wakra, Al Khor, Sealine and Ducan. The best time for the beach is late spring.

Where Qatar is located?

QATAR'S LOCATION UNIVERSE Galaxy:Milky Way Planet :Earth Continent : Asia Location in Asia : Middle East , Gulf A small country by suadia you found it IT'S QATAR =P =D

Can you drink in Qatar?

Do you mean alcohol? If so, then you will need a special permit, usually available from your employer/sponsor, to purchase alcohol from a special store. You will have a $420 USD limit on how much you can purchase in a month. (You can only spend $420 each month at that store). Most hotels have bars t (MORE)

Where is Qatar state?

Qatar is situated in a peninsula (part of Arabian Peninsula) in Persian Gulf. It has land connection with Saudi Arabia in south.

Is Qatar big?

Nooo!! Qatar is a extremely small country.. I live there and sometimes I can't find it on the map :P but then i was never good at geography :S

Why was Qatar colonized?

Qatar was never colonized. It was made a British Protectorate, which is a very different thing in that being a Protectorate leaves the indigenous leaders in power. The foreign power only takes a cut of the profits on exports and manages foreign relations. Qatar was made a protectorate so that Bri (MORE)

Who is sheikh in Qatar?

Sheikh Faisal is a president or emir of the qatar ! It passes it's power to it's son when the king is to old to be a king or emir

Why Qatar is rich?

Qatar is rich because of the Petrol and Gas they have. (PS. They own half of London)

Is Qatar in autralasia?

Qatar is a country located in Western Asia, primarily part of the Arab World and the Middle East.

Is Qatar an adverb?

No, it is a noun, a proper noun. It is the name of a country on thePersian Gulf.

Is Qatar beautiful?

Doha, the capital city of Qatar, is situated on the bank of theArabian Gulf. Earlier Doha was known as one of the busy pearlfishing villages in the South East Arabia of Persian Gulf. It wastill recently when the oil production began in 1949 and as I amliving in Qatar, its amazing in their (believe m (MORE)