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Does Santa Claus give you a piece of coal if you are naughty?

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Sometimes. Since coal is getting expensive and a lot of people are using it to heat their homes though, often Santa will just bring you something that you don't particularly like or petrified fruitcake, which no one can eat.
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What does Santa gives to naughty kids?

Traditionally Coal, but when I was a kid he would just fill your stocking with ashes from the fireplace. My wife grew up in Texas and there he would leave switches (for punish

Why does Santa give naughty people lumps of coal?

Because of the naughty children and they naughty children parents warned them that the childrens parents got mad because they have been really naughty and the children sometim

Is Santa Claus naughty sometimes?

Depends on what you mean by naughty probably. Naughty as in, does  he make mistakes or not take care of himself sometimes... yes, I'm  sure. Naughty as in cruel or offensive