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Yes. I live in Málaga and la Gaviota, her father's house there is near mine, and eventhough I speak english, she always insists on speaking in castillian when she is here. Her grandma Ana does not speak english, so it's important to her to communicate with her grandma.
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Spain is the official language in Spain, Mexico, and in almost all of the countries of Central and South America (exceptions are Brazil, Guyana, French Guyana and Suriname).

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"No hablo español" is the easiest way to say "I do not speak Spanish". but remember the h in spanish is silent so you basically are just saying "ablo" and the "ñ" makes a ng

How do you translate Can you speak Spanish in Spanish?

¿Sabes hablar español? or ¿Hablas español? EDIT: If speaking to someone who you do not know, or someone of authority, you should use the usted form rather than the tu fo

What is Spanish for yes I do speak Spanish?

¡Si! (Yo) hablo español. (the ñ ya a sound of nya). The 'yo' meaning 'I' is usually omitted. Not a good thing to say, though, if, as the question suggests, you DON'T sp

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There are several ways to ask if one speaks Spanish. If you are asking a friend or someone younger, you would say "¿Hablas español?" If you are asking an elder, family m

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Hablamos español (That's it) You do not need to use "nosotros", for the verb "hablamos" refers to "nosotros". Then it is repetitive if you say "nosotros hablamos"

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'Castellano' (Castilian Spanish) like its equivalent, Standard English, i.e. the most widely-accepted and officially-used version of Spanish spoken in Spain. But just as Wel

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To speak Spanish, there are several ways to learn. Buy Spanish textbooks, dictionaries, Spanish-learning tapes, DVDs, or take Spanish classes. if you are asking of how to lear