Does a Greater Flamingo hibernate?

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No,Greater Flamingos like all Flamingos do not migrate. They do, on the other hand make a small distance migration, meaning that for a period of time they will not be in a certain area.
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Do flamingos hibernate?

No, flamingos that live near high mountain lakes and in northern climates, migrate to warmer places when it gets cold.

What are facts about Greater flamingos?

They can turn their head upsidedown and pump water back and forth. You can only see their black feathers when they fly. They stand on 1 foot to change body temp. They will mar

Why do greater flamingo migrate to India?

Due to the weather, the food is also more plentiful, giving them all the more reason to migrate. secondly,they are now adapted to flying elsewhere for the winter, and it is ve

What are the migration routes of greater flamingos?

1. In winter, the northernmost colonies of greater flamingos in Asia will migrate south to the warmer coastal areas of Iran and India. Most other colonies will over winter if

What is a baby greater flamingo called?

The greater flamingo nests in colonies that often contain thousands of birds. Male and female birds build the nest together. The nest is a mound of mud, 12-20 inches in diamet
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What species is the greater flamingo in?

"Greater flamingo" is the common name for the species Phoenicopterus roseus. Originally, these birds were also known by the name Phoenicopterus antiquorum , reflecting t