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Does a hairdryer use magnets?

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Do printers use magnets?

Yes they do!! I have just realized. The magnets well...A printer uses magnets for the buttons. The buttons are pushed, and then a magnetic signal is sent to the printer, givin

What is the use of magnets in a fridge?

There are magnetic strips on a fridge door to enable the door to form a tight seal around the edges to make sure the cold is kept inside and the freezer bit does not over free

What can magnets be used for?

Magnets can be used for anything that arracts a magnet.   for example steel or iron. And for roallar coasters and looking inside your body

How much does a hairdryer weigh?

Ah, now I see it, there must be a homework series asking for weights. A hairdryer would weigh around one to two pounds. Find one at home and borrow the kitchen scales.

How do telephones use magnets?

There are magnets in the handset. The one in the microphone converts your voice to an electrical signal, and the one in the earpiece converts electrical signals back into soun

Do televisions use magnets?

Not so much with modern TVs; cathode ray tubes used powerful magnets to focus the electron stream.   Modern LCD and Plasma TVs don't use magnets.   Some televisions do u