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Does a hairdryer use magnets?

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How are magnets useful?

magnets are useful to pick up metal things 

How many watts does a hairdryer use?

It depends on the model, if the hair dryer is a 1500 watt hair dryer, then it uses 1500 watts on high heat. If the hair dryer is a 2000 watt hair dryer, then it uses 2000 wa

What are magnets used for?

There are surely millions of examples where magnets are used, but a few general statements can be made here. (Both permanent magnets and electromagnets are employed in the are

What can magnets be used for?

Magnets can be used for anything that arracts a magnet.   for example steel or iron. And for roallar coasters and looking inside your body

Why are magnets useful?

because they either attract or repel from each other depending on what side is against one side. You can do a lot with magnets for example stick things to the fridge or pick u

What magnet does a magnet strip use?

The process of attaching a magnetic stripe to a plastic card was invented by IBM in 1960 under a contract with the US government for a security system. Forrest Parry, an IBM E

What are the uses of a magnet?

The uses of a magnet is holding things together, lifting and separating iron and steel objects from other non-magnetic materials, used in compasses to find directions, used in

What is a magnet used for?

Well, they're used in most things! Take for example a door hinge, your T.V and even rollercoasters! There are tons more, though. Do a google search and you should find many us
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Are magnets used in electric magnets?

No. Electromagnets are usually made of a core (some type of metal that can be magnetized such as iron) and a coil. The coil is put around the core, and if current flows throug

Can you use your 240 v hairdryer in a 220v outlet?

  If the plug fits. Single phase volts is volts. 20v less = 10% cooler. Hairdryer means something on your body is wet and electricity is near it so be aware of proper grou