Does anyone have any information on vintage jewelry with the name Taylor Maid?

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Taylor Maid was a party plan jewllery company, popular in the 1970's and 80's. Jewellery was well made and of good quality. They were based in Nuneaton at the time. They only made jewellery in gold and silver - don't remember any costume items. Hope this helps
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What does KTE mean in vintage jewelry?

Meaning of KTE KTE = Karat Electroplate. This marking appears on "costume" jewelery made of inexpensive base metal (such as nickel alloy) which is then electroplated with gold of a particular karat signified by a number, perhaps 14 or 18. Thus, the marking might read 18KTE to legally divulge that (MORE)

How do you find out the value of a large collection of vintage jewelry?

Get the opinion of several well respected jewelers and antique dealers. Determining the value of vintage designer jewelry is a specialized appraisal field that requires a great deal of vintage jewelry knowledge and experience. Most vintage jewelry experts are those who sell jewelry online from t (MORE)

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What is vintage jewelry?

Estate jewelry is a term used to describe previously ownedjewelry. This jewelry is usually acquired from estates or jewelrythat has been sold and is often antique or vintage in nature.Antique jewelry is jewelry that is 100 years old or older, whilethe term "vintage" includes many decades or eras. Th (MORE)

What does vintage mean when referring to jewelry?

when referring to vintage in general,refers to anything under 100 yrs old,which is an antique. so any jewelery under 100 yrs old,not quite an antique,would be referred to as a vintage piece. 1920's,1930's,1940's. anything around the 1950's,1960's,1970's is often referred to as retro.

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the 585 stamp on any jewelry piece refers to 58.5% parts being 14k,and the rest being alloy,which is used on any gold except 24 karat gold which is pure.

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There are many ways to find vintage pearl jewellery but the best way is to check your local auction or any popular online auction sites. Also keep an eye on local classified ads as they can have an abundance of hidden treasure.

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There are of course the usual internet sites such as eBay and Amazon that carry vintage jewelry. There are also local stores that specialize in selling vintage pieces.

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Where can one purchase vintage jewelry?

Many places on the world wide web sell vintage jewelry. A few stores vintage jewelry is sold at include: Ruby Lane, Ebay, Lane Antiques, and amazon. Knowing the price of what vintage jewelry is worth before purchasing it is suggested by some sellers on the world wide web so that you get a good de (MORE)

What is the best place to find a vintage jewelry box?

The best place to find a vintage jewelry box would probably be a local antique dealer, failing that auction houses may also have jewelry boxed for sale. Failing that the next best place to try would be online.

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There are many places where one can find more information about vintage SEIKOs. One can find more information about vintage SEIKOs by visiting popular on the web sources such as Harry's Vintage Seiko Blog and The Watch Site.

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One can purchase vintage jewelry boxes at a variety of places. The best place to look would be a local antique store. The reason why that is the best is that there will be assistance in helping one find what they are looking for and it would be supporting a local community.

How much does vintage costume jewelry go for theses days?

It depends on the type of vintage jewelry that you're trying tosell since various types of jewelry have varying values whichfluctuate depending on market demand. To best asses the price you should get it appraised by anaccredited appraiser who can will give you the current value foryour jewelry piec (MORE)