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Does bankruptcy exclude you from public office?

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I am thinking of standing for public office ie local govt councillor, my bankruptcy discharges on 15 Dec 2012, noms close 15 Sept for noms.............am I eligible?
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Will an officer of the court inventory your home in a bankruptcy?

No, the court will require you to present specific documents related to income, assets and debts. When documenting assets you list all your real and personal property and you

What is public office?

A public office is usually a position that is elected or appointed  by the government. The governor, the president, and US  Congressperson are all examples of public offices

What property is excluded from countable assets in a person bankruptcy?

Some debts cannot be cleared (child support, judgments, certain student loans, most notably. Basically all loans other than government ones are private and nothing special). A

A public office is a public trust?

  The three words Public, Office and Trust carry great weight and imply sense of duty and moral responsibility. It is always a great privilege to hold an office, more so a

Can you file bankruptcy on public school?

  EVERYTHING you own and EVERYTHING you owe is included in the BK and must be reported. They are given different classes, some debts can't be discharged and some assets ca

Business files for bankruptcy when is it made public?

  With the filing...it is a matter of public record.   That isn't to say they have to advertise it.....but the public record is exactly that, and anyone can find it, an

Is personal bankruptcy made public?

  In all ways! Nor only is it a public court with records, which like all have docket numbers and are broadly published....but as the one declaring BK you have lots of obl

Where do i find bankruptcy public records?

It depends on what kind of public record. If it is Civil, you may  have to go to the Courthouse, if Federal, like Bankruptcy Records,  you can get a free copy of the dischar
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Can you become a police officer after filing bankruptcy?

Yes, but the bankruptcy will be a factor in your background investigation to determine your fitness to be a law enforcement officer. Officers are expected to manage their pers

Who could take part in the public life in Athens and who was excluded?

K. Kapparis, edition of March 22, 2003: The introduction of the Democratic Constitution in the late sixth century does not seem to have effected significant change in the role