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Does collagen help arthritis?

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What is helpful for arthritis?

  What I have found is very helpful for arthritis is ELECTRICAL STIMULATION TREATMENT--it really worked, although quite painful, after 6-7 treatments, knees and shoulders

Can chiropractors help arthritis?

Chiropractors are well trained in the pathology, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of arthritis. Chiropractors may be able to help someone that is suffering from osteoarthr

What can help the pain for arthritis of the neck?

  there are several over the counter anti inflammatory cremes available that are helpful for some people such as Voltarin If you are in Australia otherwise have a word wit

Is glucosamine helpful for arthritis?

I treid it out for about a year and found that it did nothing at all. so I gave up on it My brother was on it for years and ended up coming to the same conclusion, I have Rheu

What can you do to help arthritis?

There are different types of arthritis and these are treated differently To date the only treatment available for arthritis is to reduce inflammation that causes damage to joi

Is there any cure that helps arthritis?

There are over a hundred different forms of arthritis and there is no cure for most of them. there are pain killers, anti inflammatory.s and disease modifying drugs that help

Does collagen help you increase breast size?

it can yes, talk to a plastic surgeon, but if you are looking to increase you breast size I've learned some natural tips, like when going threw a growth spurt eat allot of mil

Can a chiropractor help arthritis of the neck?

Chiropractic care (manual therapy) will often provide some relief of pain or discomfort, however, neither a chiropractor, nor any other health care professional can cure arthr
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Would collagen help hip pain?

Yeah i think collagen helps hip pain. Speaking first hand, i have  been taking a collagen supplement now for near 2 months and had  basically no pain, and a 10 fold increase
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Does masturbation help arthritis?

I doubt it I am a male and have masturbated since the start of puberty on a very regular basis when I have not had actual proper sex or even both at the same time. on average