Does dbs also known as direct broadcast satellite such as directv and dishtv orbit in a geosynchronous orbit?

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Yes, the satellites orbit in a geosynchronous orbit, as with most all communications satellites. (Some exceptions are satellites such as the global positioning satellites.)
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Why are communication satellites in geosynchronous orbits What is the prime advantage of lEOs?

Regarding the communications satellite orbit; a geosynchronous orbit is one that keeps the satellite in one position in the sky. It is a spot in space about 22,000 miles away

What direction do satellites orbit?

Most rotate east to west - the same direction as the Earth below. This is a requirement for geostationary orbit, and requires the least energy for launch. But there are ot

How many satellites are there currently operational in geosynchronous orbit?

here's an unvetted list as per 10/2010 approx 450 Geo-sync orbits are hard to maintain as the orbit decays almost immediately upon achieving it, lending to low service lif

Does dbs also known as direct broadcast satellite such as directv and dishtv orbit in a geosynchronous orbit and why?

YES Satellites in geostationary orbit have an orbital period that is exactly the same as the Earth's rotational period. This means that looking from Earth the satellite appear

How often does a satellite in geosynchronous orbit revolve around earth?

Answer:. The term synchronous is defined as happening, existing, or arising at precisely the same time.. A geosynchronous satellite; therefore, stays in a fixed position rel

What is the orbital period of a geosynchronous orbit?

If a satellite is in geosynchronous orbit, it will take the satellite 24 hours , a day, to orbit the Earth once. This is so because geosynchronous orbit is when a satellite o

What does it mean when a satellite is in geosynchronous orbit?

Satellites in geosynchronous orbit stay above the same point on earth's surface at all times. This means that the period of the satellite in its orbit of the earth is exactly

What advantage would there be to placing a satellite in geosynchronous orbit?

"Geosynchronous" only means it circles the Earth every 24 hours, but if it's not also in an equatorial orbit, then it would appear to bob up and down, north and south in t