Does iberian have a capitol?

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No. Iberia is the area now occupied by Portugal and Spain. It is also called the Iberian peninsula.
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Where is the Iberian Peninsula?

The Iberian Peninsula is located on the Southwestern tip of the European Continent. The Iberian Peninsula includes the countries of Portugal, Andorra, Spain, and the British Crown colony Gibraltar. It is only 5 miles from the continent of Africa.

Who are Iberians?

An Iberian is a resident of or descendant of a resident of the Iberian Peninsula of Europe which include a small portion of France, all of Andorra, Gibralter, Portugal and Spain, in other words, an individual from a specific geographic area, not a political boundary.

What does an Iberian wolf look like?

The Iberian wolf inhabits the Iberian peninsula, as you might guess. That's the part of Europe where Portugal and Spain are (as well as Gibraltar, Andorra and a bit of France). This wolf species is actually a subspecies of the gray wolf.. A link is provided to the Wikipedia article where you can se (MORE)

How did the Moors influence the Iberian Peninsula?

They influenced the Iberian Peninsula in the areas of technology, legends, literature, foods, architecture, place names, language, cuisine, music, arts, sciences, mathematics, secret knowledge, universities, books, electricity, baths, religion, astronomy, astrology, numerology, lessons to those who (MORE)

Where did the Iberian Peninsula get its name?

The Iberian Peninsula gets its name from an ancient group of peoplethat lived in the area. They were called the Iberians. The peoplewere thought to have gotten their name from the Ebro River that isin the area.

What countries are on the Iberian peninsula?

Portugal, Spain, and Andorra are located on the Iberian Peninsula, which also includes part of southern France and the territory of Gibraltar (UK).The Iberian Peninsula consists of Portugal, Spain, Andorra, and France. Spain Portugal Andorra France

Why is the iberian lynx worth saving?

if one species of animal dies out than the next and the next will die out so save the lynx they are the most endangerd cat species animal posted By Sierra Kohnlein age 9

How did the Iberian lynx become endangered?

The Iberian lynx became endangered for two main reasons. The firstof these was that it depends on rabbits to live and does not adjustwell to eating other foods. The rabbits living in the lynx'shabitat were nearly wiped out by a succession of two diseases,making it very hard for the lynx to find food (MORE)

Why is the Iberian lynx endangered?

The first half on how the Iberian Lynx became critically endangered. Started by two diseases. First disease is Myxomatosis is a disease found in rabbits which started in the 1950's, and then the second disease started in the 1980's called viral Hemorrhagic pneumonia, as the death rate of rabbits sta (MORE)

Where do iberian linx live?

the iberian linx lives, as said in the name in the iberian peninsula (Portugal end Spain), more sepificly in the souther regions such as Andaluzia(spain) and Algarve(portugal). Irs kind of obvious no??

What is an Iberian?

An Iberian is an ancient name given to peoples of the Bronze Age who inhabited the Iberian Peninsula. The name "Iberian" is derived from the ancient name of the Ebro River, the Iberus, which was also used by the Ancient Greeks for the name of what today is called Spain (Iberia). The Iberian Peninsul (MORE)

What are facts about the Iberian Lynx?

The Iberian lynx is the most endangered cat species in the world, with only about 300 left in the wild. The Iberian lynx is one of four lynx species. The Iberian lynx is also known as the Spanish or Pardel lynx.

Does capitol have to be capitolized?

Yes, it does. The U.S. Capitol building. That is almost the only time you will use this word. Washington D.C. is the nations capital city. And I believe the word you are looking for is capitalized or capitalised (spelling variation) The other word you used doesn't exist. She was really lonely and lo (MORE)

What is the behavior of the iberian lynx?

Can you tell me about the Iberian Lynx? Im doing a resirch project on it in class and its hard to find some good info on the web. . i am 2. the iberian lynx is becoming extinct because of fur coats. its scientific name is Lynx Pardinus and there are about only 110 left in the world . they are cr (MORE)

What separates the Iberian peninsula from Africa?

The closest gap between the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar) and Africa is between Gibraltar (South tip of Spain) and Morocco. The narrow stretch of water between these two countries is known as the strait of Gibraltar. To the East of this strait, the Iberian Peninsula is s (MORE)

What is the Iberian Peninsula?

The Iberian Peninsula is a large almost square peninsula hanging off the southwest corner of Europe. It is the point where Europe and Africa are closest together. Spain and Portugal are located there.

How can you help save the iberian lynx?

If you live in their range, make sure that, if you have one close by, that you see it regularly. Maybe keep track of them around you with a journal. Also, you can publicize your thoughts and help stop hunting. You can help to keep their main food scource, rabbit, population at a nice balanced rate. (MORE)

What do iberian pigs eat?

Siberian guinea pigs eat the same things as other guinea pigs, hay (as their 'daily bread'), grains, grass, carrots and cucumber.

What is Iberian lynx's color?

The Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) is (generally) yellow with brown spots. For some beautiful photos of this critically endangered cat, please access the related link provided below:

How long are Iberian lynxes pregnant?

The gestation period, or length of pregnancy, for an Iberian lynx is two months. They give birth to two or three cubs. The mother cares for the young alone.

What is a 'Capitol'?

A capital can refer to a few things. It is generally used to name the main or biggest city in a state or country. An example of the capital of Indiana, is Indianapolis.

What is an Iberian lynx?

\n. An Iberian Lynx is in the cat family.\n. It is larger than a bobcat but smaller than a Siberian Lynx.\n. The Iberian Lynx is the most Endangered feline in the world, there are only 150 remaining in the wild.\n. They have a spotted coat and fur that goes down the side of their face, they are (MORE)

Did the iberians settle in Ireland?

Iberians are the people originating from the 'Iberian Peninsula', ( the peninsular comprising Portugal and Spain). The Irish people are Celtic in origin, indigenous to the island of Ireland. However, following the defeat of the great Spanish armada assembled to attack England in the reign of Que (MORE)

Moors forced out of the iberian peninsula?

Moors (Muslims living in medieval times), Jews, and anyone who was not Christian that lived in Spain, were given two options: convert to Christianity or you will be kicked out. Spain, at this time, controlled all of the Iberian Peninsula, and as a result of the Spanish Reconquista, the Iberian Penin (MORE)

What is the importance of Iberian Peninsula?

The Iberian Peninsula is one of the three major European peninsulas and is located in the southwestern corner of Europe. It includes the countries of Portugal, Spain, and Andorra. Over history, Spain has mainly held control over the entire peninsula. When it did, Spain was the most powerful country (MORE)

What was the importance of the Iberian peninsula?

The Iberian Peninsula is one of the three major European peninsulas and is located in the southwestern corner of Europe. It includes the countries of Portugal, Spain, and Andorra. Over history, Spain has mainly held control over the entire peninsula. When it did, Spain was the most powerful country (MORE)

What countries are considered the Iberian Peninsula?

Spain, Portugal, and Andorra are the countries that are located on the Iberian Peninsula. The United Kingdom is also present through its territory of Gibraltar, however, it is usually not included as Gibraltar is merely a territory.

What is the Iberian Lynx?

The Iberian lynx isfound in Mediterranean woodland and marquis habitat (a scrub -like habitat of open forests and thickets ), where there is a mixture of dense scrub and open pasture.. Common Name: Iberian Lynx, Spanish Lynx Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata (Vertebrata) Class: Mammalia (MORE)