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Does kaito kiss miku?

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I believe...that he does.But he probably doesn't mean it.Its in some of the duets that they sang together.Like Canterella (something like that.)But for some reason I do think they have a little crush
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Does kaito the vocaloid love miku the vocaloid?

Not officially, no. VOCALOID is a synthesizer program that allows a user to create vocals for a song without hiring a vocalist or getting a real vocalist for a song. The Voc

Why does Miku love Kaito?

Miku doesn't really like Katio. Kaito already likes Meiko so  there's no point for Miku to love him. SHE LOVES LEN

Does Kaito love Miku or Meiko?

Personally I'm a MikuxKaito support and always intend to be because of how compatible the two voices are and the characteristics of both vocaloids. Meiko is defo also a big de

Does Kaito love Hatsune Miku?

Yes according to the MMD videos

Does hatsune miku like kaito?

Rarely, in some PV's of what Kaito sings is mostly about a girl.  She can be mostly used as Miku. We do not know why. But mainly, as  my own opinion that Kaito may like Miku

Does kaito love luka or miku?

it is not officially said. there are some kaito x miku fans, there are some kaito x luka fans. there are other kaito x other vocaloid fans.

Why does Kaito marries Meiko and not Miku?

You see, Fans made that up. It never really happened but it could change by a fans perspective anytime and because they were made for each other. They blend together greatly a